Photo: E P Carry, Daytona Beach, FL. 2012 Sunrise



rises unending

born anew

A witness

to existence

of a ‘church’

called life

Jade colored waves

of majestic ocean’s

exultation of breath . . .


aromas to intoxicate

the senses


A ‘church’

of Earth’s

simple beauty . . . 

of truth

stirring a portrait

painted live

by a thought

of intent


One is steeped

in solace

of significance

defying description

as ushered forth

is an invitation

onto part

of the

moving canvas


Awe becomes

the overwhelming logic 


in precision


No want

for wordy dogma . . .

no need 

for dramatic display       

of pretense


Be humbled . . .

be grateful . . .

as a spirit before you

finds you worthy

to bear

a Divine clarity

of moment’s





HUMILITY: A way paved of Love’s connection: A wordless muse speaking freely. 


Love’s way of communion is wordless gesture of breath and girth; a tithe given to attention.  The Earth is a live entity; a display of endless  epitome of emotions to those beseeching mortal comfort from unwarranted angst of man’s unjust reality.  Revealed will be the violets, golds, and emerald greens of remembrance of the things of heavenly assurance: A promised  understanding.


















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