Owl  In your solace . . . speak to the undeniable ‘God’ named Wisdom.  Listen . . . for the gifts of ‘voice’ . . . gifts given to end the unrepentant wars amid love and hate of your heart; a knowledge not of tolerance, nor of acceptance, but of sleepy intuition of truths of all  ‘Godliness’: A spirit of Love . . . what is . . . a Universal essence, awe of equality, genius of destiny, and a shared Divinity of the seen and not seen.



Upon perceptive waking of curiosity, the significance of all things is seen by knowing that ‘God’ is not an external ‘entity’ viewing the Universe from perch on high, but is existing of all things of matter’s creation—that what looks out from all eternal fingerprint of design.



Awareness is what is needed to ‘see’ a natural ‘God’ of comfort, order and balance—always here . . . always there . . . always patiently waiting for the souls of Love to appreciate the connective perfection given, and even despite all imperfections made of human willful dis-honor and disappointments perpetuating to purposefully ‘veil’ the menageries of Beauty’s seduction.



Love . . . is everything of reality’s true colors. ©




‘In your slumber you fail to ‘see’ what you seek is seeking you—moments come to call your return to the gardens of remembrance’.  If one falls all shall fall if followed is heinous hegemony.  Follow no one but your own beating heart. Nature


FATE A name for the ‘watcher’ commonly viewed as deciding human destiny.

PARITY: The quality or state of being equal or equivalent. Perfection.

(photo: awwthings.com)