Mom Carry

Eileen Mary Carry (May 17, 1937 – March 7, 2015)


Moment’s gifts are the mortal births of eternal nowthe healers of hearts.



Forsaken not
is joy
once unfolded . . .
now perched
an invisibility
of heart’s


Hope’s vibrant threads
suit us best
when faced 

are failure’s wisdoms

of words

of endearing


A bitterness
of ignorance
attempts concealment
of path
of blood’s fulfillment . . .
a vague deceit . . .
a conviction failed
in assumed
blindness assured


Nay say we
of thee . . .
as left behind 

will be
all sorrowful sorry s

of relentless
heartfelt pains 

left bleeding 
in shadow’s reign

Hope’s vibrant threads
suit us best
in moment’s seasons 
of must . . .
as all else seems
no longer fitting ©



♥ ღ A gift of promise is a contract signed in vibrant red threads of unending connections to heal anguished hearts.  Follow the blood of communication between generations, and never be lost of place.  


















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