Have I want image

or do I need?!  

I don’t suppose

I know . . . 

a where or how

for whining wander . . . 

a place to wait

in pinning ponder

Do I have

or have I not?!

I don’t suppose

I know . . . 

a raging raving soul afire . . .

an  incessant rant

of  heart’s desire

When did I

or how do I?!

I don’t suppose

I know . . .


festering frustration . . . 

an offered hell

as held hostage

is determination ©




Truth is, being ‘the black sheep’, one finds that the white sheep are liarsIt takes nothing to join the crowd, but everything is taken to stand alone in a ‘test’ of humility and faith.

Never lose the ‘spirit’ of life while traveling through man-made numbness of nothingness—choice must never be given over to sleepy stupidity of conformity; an insult to human intelligence.  Be not a sheep of shame.  Know and show the who of you.  Let the world adjust to your beautiful soul!














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