Enchanting benevolent forces are felt unseen.  Encouraged are our strengths, and comforted 

Carry c. 1930

Carry c. 1930s

are our weaknesses as we are spiritually guided onto crossed paths of joy and pain, enlightenment and bewilderment, sadness and happiness—if only to still the faces of fear, uncertainty, and disillusionment created by self-imposed human hierarchy.  For providence sake, the spirits do indeed show us paths toward all that is sacred of heart; a move to challenge chaos in name of self-preservation.


Experienced are the recurring cycles of happiness to hopelessness, sadness to elation, accomplishments accompanied by failures despite all effort—for this is born a faith in hope upon blood countenance.


Each day is given to thought of generations past to sooth our souls and to free our broken hearts to make easier a gain of self-worthiness in battles against encumbering utter madnesses at ever waking moment—external forces of spoil; joy robbers possessed of envy of life do fight ever so hard to rob us of slightest intent of pleasures of heart in relentless haunts of wake and sleep—causing us rise in fright of fear of darknesses shadow as they attempt a theft of our connections of comfort.


What do these soul beggars of malevolence want of our peace of mind?!

Why won’t they let us be to just be?!

Do they not see we will not relent as we remain of rightful cycles of place?!

We must believe in our names bearing good and right, while held close is faith in the belief that we are not alone in this suffrage of fallacy of lost place. 

We will exist of free-will of thought, as is our birthright, and not forsake our battles for Sovereignty! ©




Carry/Shields family tree:  https://secure.ancestry.com/register/index/?