A hope for kindness . . .

MUSIC (22)
is an ache for happiness



Life’s addiction
to numbness
consumes passions
and bounds hearts
in appeasement
of un-appeasable



‘Til is ‘seen’
a countenance
of dreamy
deepest desires
of calling heard
Melody’s rain



A resolve
is unleashed . . .
an inner armour
of true face
of changed expression



Followed trustingly
are paths
of final
yet not known

of certainty



Through turbulent
reach  . . .
found is
the key master
of will intent . . .
a fore-bearer
of future’s




A flicker
of moment
of mortal appeal
paid in tears
of unabated wish
once sorely
missed . . .
does lay
to all beginnings
of way
to a foreseeable fore ©




” . . . for what of ‘God’ did heard my ‘voice’; a cry for mercy in the darkness.  And because ‘God’ did turn an ear to me, I too will listen, for as long as I do live.
[excerpted from Psalms 116:1]

Music:  An edification of life.  ~~~*

I think of what this all could mean, as  you’re the only good thing left in me.  So yes I’ll sing, yes I’ll sing . . . because the heavens did hear my plea.



There’s a message in the Music: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EileenPCarryEPC



I always say … ‘God’ … is a DJ!






















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