Money tree


Tell me tell me!

Silently I holler . . .

how does one gain

another dollar?!


Maybe today  

every day I’d say . . .

be it good or greed

at last to pay


I stand upon

a path

of will . . .

where doors

be locked

before me still 


Be it flat and green

per words of mean . . .

but seems  

a grasp forbidden


I stop before

the door

so far . . .

faith in hand

to bring ajar


Maybe today . . .  

I do say . . . 

nothing more

to do

but stay . . .

or stray. . .

within the day . . .

awaiting will 

of ‘morrow’s sway ©



‘I am a piece of art of man’s design on fabric.  I control life . . . be it for good, or be it for ill will.  I have no preference but for what a mind says so.  Still of either, I do control all things!’  ~~money


*Did you know . . . living president’s are forbidden to be ‘enshrined’ on the American dollar bill?







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