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This ‘something’

that we feel

must be real . . .

amidst a veil

of mind

be hale

We need believe . . .

for without

we fear

our worth

be not achieved

through tears

of heartache’s pang

for vision’s meaning

within an avid will

to live it  ©





Miracles, signs and wonders,  and pain and suffering and heartache, are all the ‘something’ of dancing ‘force’ giving way to opening the heart.  Pay no mind to the fore-play of egotistical societal deceit of mind.




Enlightenment is born of birthing pain’s mourn into season’s moments of claim and grand consequence of corrupt distractions causing discontentment in failure of due purpose [achievement]:  A meaning to change; a ‘something’ of message for reason: A ‘something’ never to be forgotten of a maker’s mark for constant change.



It is our nature by way of birth given to permission of thought [choice] to change ourselves for the betterment of the whole. Follow no one!  Let life ‘see’ your beautiful soul despite all else, and allow none possession.  Love IS the `soul-mate’!  There is nothing before Love.  Love is all there is in everything, everywhere, and is in everyone. You are me and I am you and all life comes of eternal essence of light and dark.  So do be careful in your ‘self’-talks, for surely they are conversations with the Universe!




We are not alone in our ‘discomfort’ of change . . . “to ‘become’ the greatest version we can be.”



There’s a message in the music:





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