FEAR:  F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal


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Grave ‘s i n s’ of mortality  has been committed against the global human family: A life experience stolen by grand lies  —lies of dellusion of stage of show and tell that love and happiness are “pursuits”—rendering joy a forever illusive reality. These . . . our rights of once effortless aspiration, now are made into expectation of ‘reward’ to conformity, takes life-‘times’ of generations to perceive, and accomplish. Failure is perched on high as hideous magnitude of encumbered shame as humanity strives to remember otherwise of joys felt of ‘something’ deeply settled within a heart’s ‘God’-given measure of wisdom.  Humanity has been far too long deceived   —made distracted from the things that are justly valid of grace, intention, and glory. Fortunate are we of these generations chosen to seek an ‘understanding’ of this awareness—to witness miracles of chance at dream’s fruition come of our own hand.  And even through struggles of incomprehension of anguished hopelessness.



Humanity . . . over and over and over, are rendered a ‘stuck’ species of cyclic unnatural rhythms. The seemingly ‘fallen’ ones subjected to constant stolen moments: A people of self-conclusion offered of in an absurdness of thoughts given to assurance that humanity’s moments to pursue precious gifts of life are mere illusions in view of the in-your-face mistaken displacement of the things placed upon the shoulders of hope: An acceptance of abominable reality stagnant in seeming hopelessness without first contemplating the intimacies of human intuition.  We must hold true to the contrary.  Doubt not the strength of faith of collective desire standing perpetual at humanity’s core . . . joy!  And even in face of overwhelming fears of being ‘labeled’ “anti-conformist”, or “anti-social”, or “anti-government”, or altogether a soul made forgotten to anonymity of  accusation of illogic mind buried deep within hypocracy of societal diseases of controlled, configured, and forced array of contrived “mental illnesses”.  To survive in these moments to moments of life, means to accept engagement in personal battle to know love, and thusly ‘see’ that love is worth fighting for!



All things coming of remembrance through DNA are treasured, shared, and worth fighting for with the very blood that wills it to being.  We are not here to find our soul, we are here to fight for it!  Humanity must imagine together a bliss of a world where hope no longer stands guard for future’s desire for joy.  No longer can humanity be blinded in complacent acceptance of injustices witnessed upon first pedestal of rightful place; an unfathomable war for preservation of being: A war whose opposition holds prisoner life’s heart and minds and souls to oppressions sense of hopelessness and impending failures.  A war no longer invisible, but is acknowledged and fought from the inside out where memory resides of our fathers’ foretold wisdoms: A history of intrinsic human behaviors telling of the many ‘sins’ of chronic suffrage of intentional genocidal doom . . . of cohesive conformity to false will  . . . of intolerable human mentally and physically unreasonable sufferings, and most sad of all offenses . . . of decayed human imaginations given over to stagnation of nothingness.



Humanity surely has right to even-handedness to say it is the right of all life to just be—to experience joy in living, equally shared with blood of all remembrance residing within. Oppressive lies and ties have been constant; a prevalent enemy that humanity has now grown tired of—affected are all cultures and all life, without exception.  A battle against fear does ensue still.  Courage gifted of love against fear is imperative in pursuits of imagination, creativity, and self-worth that must first be, as in all wars, brought to front-line battle where “We The People” must, in this these moments of sovereignty, regain firmness in conviction of attesting to given truths of meaning for necessitating the separation from the things perpetrated in mindset of purposeful materialistic voracity beyond reason, and beyond lustful bearing.



The blood of our forefathers’ cries out from an intelligence of imprint—together with all life’s fingerprint proof of mark of a ‘God’ of Universal coding; a divine presence greater than ourselves of spiraling measurement in seduction and beauty encompassing awe of all things; a  giving way for humanity to ‘see’ that it is consciousness first what operates to manifest thoughts to matter of specific reality.  Any person(s) advocating a man-made thing with intention to deceive and distract, are merely attempting to convince humanity to the contrary, and are no more than a liar; a giver of false miracles in answer to the what and why of all intention.  Stretched far are the connections of life in the ways of deceitful ignorance. Too many do suffer indignities not meant to be, and yet, do still ask the questions of unanswered ‘why?’.  The answer has always been the same, there is only one answer to one why . . . a  true reality revealed only to the worthy of beseeching heart for joys of possibilities given in plain sight of goodly will of heart, and mankind then therefore, asks only ‘why not'(?) . . . in answer to all questions, and to questions of all answers in the searching for solutions of concerns of evolution’s true form and progressions; a ‘place’ of dreams where ‘evil’-minded intention is forbidden! ©




APATHY: A man-made agenda of dogmatic idea of mass destruction unmercifully ruled of ugly heads — heads that need be severed from all construct of  reality!  Born are we into the now of glorious moments to witness, to observe, and do personal battle against  ‘s i n s’ of apathy; an insurance of continuance in Love’s perfection! Humanity is design’s chosen vector of move in these ‘games’ of chance in need of change.



Ours is to honor the  ‘something’ of truth of intuitions order—joy!  This is the only way to be free to exist in reality meant to be!



Be aware the dualistic nature of the human condition, or succumb easily to the downfalls of ego offered of apathetic fear: A blinding imprisonment to the endeavors of dark minds