AtomStands to reason clearly, that love is felt from moment of first touch.  Clearly, love is not then meant to say, “I think, therefore I am”, but rather, “I feel, therefore I am” as love is born again at each new birth, and if willed so by the host, will reside to the death and so to beyond. Clearly love is the strongest of all unseen force of touch, without which, human hearts and spirits being so one in the realities of the life-force, would certainly be void of humanity—meaningless and without purpose, leaving room for ignorance, self-loathing, and self-destructive conclusions, repetitively.


Clearly, the ‘power’ of Love has no real opponent . . . it is the ‘something’ that we feel to be real.  And yet only so long as humanity’s conscience does not give permissions to the nothingness otherwise.


A species called ‘human’ who do not allow Love to reside of heart, is clearly destined to destruction—forever doomed for an eternity from the greatest force created of the Universe.  Clearly, an end result of lack of honor given to Love will be ignorance, humanity’s permissions given to the unworthy; a welcoming in of ultimate damnation to human evolution: A disappearance of humanity from the natural world:  A world that will surely replace man with another life-form to takes it place, for balance sake.


Clearly, humanity is the intrinsic pro-miser by way of birth to be first responder to any threat presented against preservation of life: A solely assigned stewardship of caretaker; a most ‘Holy’ position given to sustaining a beautiful planet clearly created and gifted unto all life.


Clearly, Nature is majestic, but it is also chaotic and dangerous—eat or be eaten!  As we stand as witness of experience, we must ask ourselves, ‘who wants to be an animal?!’  No one!  Clearly we seek knowledge and truth to justify our desire to evolve from an animal state of mind to a more spiritual way of being—awe due respect to all life, should be, in the now, humanity’s pursuance!   If we continue to act like animals, we will continue to remain so.


Let us pray we do not fail Love by way of unreasoned thought. ©



The worst thing one can do about a bad situation, is nothing.”
—O’ Shea Jackson, aka “Ice Cube”