To the rest of the world they did probably seem like just an ordinary couple with just an ordinary life. But they knew better. Two beats in the measure of all beats of an infinite heart. They sometimes themselves may not have understood the relationship . . . sometimes they were friends . . . sometimes more than friends, and other times they were mere strangers of mystery to one another.  But the most courageous thing they ever did  was to just live. ~~~* 


Eileen silently spoke amid forgotten existence

in resolves of unnatural fate amid matters questioned

Love be now a crutch honored yet once forsaken of

evolution’s due course of ‘self’ lost in wrath’s consequence

Engaging oratory be squelched for heart’s sake of understanding  

Nay and nay she did say to ignorance of this mortal place


Do Met me where the sky meets the shore. Abstract on the beach (Nick Bodimeade Black and white Noir et blanc Silhouettes)

(B/W artwork by Nick Bodimeade –


David divinely reaps melancholic muse of sublime passion

amid cumbersome worldly woes entwined of joy’s rare rapture

Vivid note’s of kindness candidly dance to comfort

inward sorrows of solace left faded to personal lyrical tones where 

deeply hardened chains of angst take refuge amid symphonic apology 


David and Eileen have come to believe that forces for good did answer their heart’s desires. Love did deliver once upon a ‘time’ attached to many tears of pondering given to the blood of generations.  They were grateful for the numerous and once forgotten instinctual skills that had been returned—granted were considerations to curiosity as David and Eileen came together.  They again did ‘see’ and feel and know that love endures of the asking, and even more so, to the broken-hearted. They once did lose faith of heart in matters of love—replaced by an overwhelming numbness that pacified a pain they assumed to forget, as love did fade to the unrealities of chance which seemed to engulf their lives. Tossed by life they were, abruptly, into a survival mode of helplessness burdened with deep emotional scaring.  They felt as though others looked upon them with disappointment as they drew down a ‘rabbit hole’ of uncontrolled circumstance—fall they did, and beyond their will for immediate understanding. An enduring preoccupation with survival did cause their lives to separate from everything they most loved of the world.  No one could possibly know what David and Eileen were experiencing. They could find no words of meaning to express such causation, as a lack of control ensued of abrupt and nonsensical changes took surrealistic place about and around them.  And certainly, and regardless of personal woes, they had no thoughts of or intentions toward hurting another, nor had they ever in a life-time wanted to become burdensome to anyone.


After quite some time spent in deep waters of pondering questions asked of answers not yet questioned, David and Eileen came to conclusion that the rapidly moving rivers of  worldly chaos of overwhelming chain of burden placed upon the imaginations of life seemed to be nothing more than illusions and delusions of a deceitfully Pius agenda; a proposed ‘secreted prophesy’ of propaganda initiated and pursued by an apathetic secular worldly ‘leadership’ wishing only to satisfy arrogant greedy endeavors of malice intent toward ownership of everything of the life-force that did perpetuate numerous immoral acts of the worst kinds against humanity and the Earth and all kind of the Earth—ungodly acts committed upon the human family on a global scale.  David and Eileen did come full-circle along the seemingly life-sucking paths of proposed impending doom! Their eyes had become full wide in pursuits of ever elusive happiness; a simplistic endeavor to live and to let live. They came to conclusion that there was no place for them in such fallacy as a “new world order” of supposed planning.  David and Eileen had chosen to resume the path of pursuance of an existing old world order . . . theirs . . . the one vested in heart . . . the one of just being human.  They became the path.  They knew that they could not survive and thrive any other way! They decided to hold high honor to a faith in redemption.  They kept hope alive to stand guard for joy’s permissions of expression.  They chose to leave wisdom’s moments of understanding to negate on their behalf of the undeserved and misunderstood losses of  histories to their own amiss and just of judgment.  They were given unto return of mind restored to ‘see’ the unfathomable simplistic beauty of Life, and even if only to heal their own broken hearts. ©


Mysteries of imagination are a personal conversation with a ‘God’ of the ‘something’ that we feel of heart most passionate and tender: A message instilled of soul to ~just be~: A Love fulfilled. Be silent, be stilled to stirring of alternate move found in the seeking, and come to realize  will be that happiness too relentlessly seeks  you:  An initiation to heart’s redemption.


Surly must be true . . .

“If you’re not confused, then you’re not paying attention.”
―Tom Peters (author, “Thriving on Chaos”)













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