“Genetic Memory”: A metaphorical phrase used to refer to the subconscious knowledge that may be reason for inherited abilities and obvious ‘copy trait’ character and mannerisms sited in ourselves given of our ancestry. We are living in wondereous times of history, all of us fully knowledgeable of the existing genome projects in their present infancy stages of obtaining genetic data on the subject of our genes: A human search for transparencies in the genetic ‘coding’. Scientists are learning very quickly about how it is possible for complex human traits to emerge from a simple genetic code, and are still yet even further away from gaining full perspective and understanding of how individual genes of a DNA sequence may even affect human behavior, or even come to discover a complete repository of inherited knowledge within the genome. Current scientific abstract theory is that if “genetic memory” traits do have identifiable components, then they must be dispersed about and around a number of other genes whose traits are likely to show or arise more from the design of those genes and their interactions. graphicriver-net



How are we to begin to know where we are going, without first knowing from whence we have come? What is history after all but a study in human behavior? The past is the present, the present is the future.  Therefore, it would make complete sense to say that all human beings hold a testimony of love through posterity, and carry the love of and for our blood ancestors who speak to us through ‘voice’ of a once forsaken dormant ‘God’ within . . . what is . . . pure and true thought and reason. Our ancestors’ forever push us forward toward continuance of higher purpose—happiness. Through much compulsive searching, we come to ‘feel’, and thus know that they are there to touch us when we fall away from the very nature of ourselves as they lend courage to face challenges presented on our paths as they walk alongside us. Discover who they were, and hence also discover who they are of soul ‘entity’—ones who are listening and pleading on behalf of survival. Forever, blood reminds us of who we are and what we were created to become and achieve in furtherance of lifetimes. The answers are within us—truths realized and felt through our own desires and intentions for good or malice of choice aforethought.



Blood of memory is naturally persistent—born of the DNA of us. We exist for a souls’ continuance from the very energy of their loins . . . one essence . . . one light . . . one in an earthly existence. They are indeed, and without question, running through our precious blood. We need only ask of them in reverent quietude . . . ‘tell me a story’ . . . then listen in abandon of all else to the story of us that unfolds upon the heart. 



Hope was never lost, it is we who were made to be lost from it.  Our ‘place’ IS hope!  Humanity is hope.


“It makes more sense to think of the entire genome as perhaps a repository of inherited information.”

 —C. Perkins


Change the suffering, change yourself.





(Photo by Lonely__ on Getty Images)