My daughters’ …

such beautiful daughters’!

How so very wrong

I had been in

self-judgment that I …

a mere mortal …

had no splendor

to offer the world

Words do not suffice …

as no words in language

can say how deeply

is felt at all feelings

rushing in

at thoughts of you 

I ‘see’ at heart

that I have indeed

brought forth perfect

three fold perfection ©



‘God’  of connection I do pray … grant me wisdom in accepting the things you did lend, courage to face the thruths I  fear, and growth come from within to ‘see’  and ponder the lessons learned of these my gifts.  ~~~*Amen.



You of many thorns . . . oh how much I do love you so, but yet allowed only bitter-sweet privilege to watch such beautiful roses to bloom.  You color my life, and even with your broken crayons . . . because you loved me beyond unreason: A sacrifice of which, I am unworthy.  I do never forget . . . days we first met . . . I did hold your eyes in mine in a love at first sight: A privy of tears of joy I’ve never felt since.  I am humbled that to me you were given.  You deserve so much more!


To the ‘spirits’ of connection I pray for peace of mind while in states of lend and take of life in such blink of an eye. 
Grant me courage to face the fears necessary for wisdoms exchanged of earthly incomprehension, and strength of heart needed to ponder the lessons given and learned of these … my givers of gifted truths through the madness of my own foolishness.  The outcome defies explanation as my heart is given over to a loneliness of aftermath—like a lightening bolt’s strike from the skies one never fully recovers of.  In your mercies for all who first suffer an unknowing offence to a greater love, I place my deserving earthly pains.  I believe in a place of recompense of hope, and so I ask, let UN-suffer my heart to claim a happiness through an ‘understanding’ meant to be for the better of me:  A suffrage of regret that is my own; a ‘something’ of change of heart and mind not said of the sharing upon another’s heart.