A human child is born desirous of knowledge, and is thus naturally curious.  For what is mankind without the want of reasons for thoughts born of knowing or unknowing a logic of instinctive abeyance toward greater things beyond themselves?

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Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find.

When they find, they will seem and be deemed ‘disturbed’ to those of misunderstanding heart.  

While they may seem ‘disturbed’, there will be no mistaking their marvel of reign of awe over all.
[excerpted from The Book of Enoch]





Children will come to an understanding of stories told, if told, as it is their right to know their place within the story as they come to view life as the never-ending story suited for the purpose of understanding the reasons for ‘whys’ and  ‘why-nots’ of the wise.



Children must be taught an understanding that each new generation comes to awaken the next to inspire the human resolve; changes must be made for the betterment of the human condition: A showing of the way back to the healing powers of devotion given to natural curative for the repiticious conundrums of restraint  centered in a continuous and purposeful forgetfulness.



Children will come to understand, that it is they who enable humanity to move forward oñwith paths of fate necessary to fulfill a will of chance and change of thoughts for survival sake.

Children will come to understand, and therefore, will be able to touch the collective soul desire of importance, so as not to be fallen from grace in expectations of proposed ungodly worldly views.


Children make great sacrifices as our wise teachers who question everything!  A world without children would be Love’s passions unfulfilled.  Humanity would no longer ‘see’ the muse of heart; an appreciation of ‘higher purpose’, which in essence is a recognition of responsibility for one’s personal happiness centered in thoughts of continueous awe; a very privilege of being. ©


So long as children are mortally dishonored, there will be no peace on this planet! 


ALL children are beautiful!  There are NO exceptions!  To love a child, is to tell a child you believe in them.  Thank them, everyday, for being such great teachers of sacrifice for Love’s sake.

Shine on!  You crazy diamond!  (excerpted from Pink Flloyd)