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Faith . . . a must have for commune with the heavens; an understanding of ‘understanding’ found at the edge of ourselves: A beginning giving meaning to the understanding of our mortality as it congers up initial sense of deeply felt aches of heart.  An almost overwhelming ache intertwined with an understanding of the knowledge that seeking understanding would surely bring on forces . . . good and bad, that will surely wreak havoc upon our souls in the seeking and in the wondering of answers to the why’s of whatnots.

I did understand, that I would never understand until I did search all things with open mind as I filtered acquired information through my heart.  In so doing, I felt an understanding of heart: A joy given through once hidden wisdoms such as I had once known. Challenge of relentless negative force was brought to my already vulnerable and fragile sense of being.  Felt was awareness of my own allowance of force to enter through my ignorance.  In due course of moment’s permission not of man’s ‘time’, the negative energies of indoctrinate fears were reasoned of reverent plea, ‘what can I do that will bring about change through these existing worldly veils of utter blinding bitter-nesses?’  An answer came of inner sense of understanding, that no change will come without first listening to the remedies of moment’s mending, and this, despite all else, over and over and over and over again with faith held close to being.  An understanding, that fear will fall to its knees before me in my own decision to act upon looking the ‘demons’ of misery in the eye and proclaim, ‘I am not afraid!’  In this bearing of mind, a connection to knowledge and answers came immediate; released was a river of words as if a dam had been broken whose waters were finally freed to naturally flow.  I could neither deny nor control the irony of moment as tears I had hidden far from myself and others were no longer kept stilled.

A ‘voice’ within did say to me, “the reward for enduring determined fortitude will be what it had always been . . . an ecstasy of heart; an abundance for the multitude who reside within Love’s stillness, where is given freely all joy.  I feel your pain, and all pain.  I know your heartache where you are  without limits of the things of an obtuse world: A world once called love, blanketed of paradise.  Earth has become as a mother whose children have forgotten her name, and not without a great multitude of weeping heard throughout bloodlines of remembrance.  Moment has been made still for mankind’s ‘time’ for mourning the multitude of broken hearts without end.”

I can only explain an experience as an instant of feeling.  I felt an overwhelming joy and pain though tempered as one come from the ‘voice’ speaking to heart: A physical chilling-warmth consumed me from mind to foot.  A new sense of who I am emerged within reason not completely understood.  I recognized another of whom I had always been; a whom denied of true worth.  I felt both fear and courage parting ways from within simultaneously, and even for a time of three days I sensed ‘something’ depart as I experienced a long and horrible dizziness which caused me to be sick with intense nausea and vomiting and unable to stand without assistance from falling while even knowing an assured recovery and stability was forthcoming.  I was no longer feeling over-burdened with relentless worry of mind.  I no longer felt standing alone in a darkness of physical and mental boundary of place wanting to just die!  I was no longer restrained within the prison of my own mind.

I’ve since remained constant in a newly acquired knowledge that the daily challenges against thoughts of being restrained of self-worth is something merely insisted upon and stressed over by a status quo secular societal of nonsensical human expectation; a worth repeatedly removed and imprisoned upon manipulative words and actions of deceitful others.  A once lost self-confidence had now been intimately restored—made permanent, but not perfect.  I felt as though a ‘demon’ of sort had been lifted from being in simple act of seeking peace of heart.

I have been aware of the blood of my blood—‘spirits’ of whom I have felt within me, and around me, and even as a small child.  I know they have heard me speak.  I have heard them tell me that I am loved, worthy of joy, and should strive deeply to remember not to forget to be of happy heart as was given at birth.  There are many souls of genetic fingerprint begging a heart’s connection; an unrelenting desire to survive.  It humbles me to tears of memory as I recognize this great love of spirits’ past, and I am comforted by a faith that flows through my veins that is of great worth as I look upon my children—they are indeed smarter, stronger, and more indomitable to meet still untold challenges of their moments in man’s time, their chance to change something needing changing of their world.  I continue to obtain a surmountable amount of never ending guidance; a love deeper and greater than humanity’s knowledge.  I find peace and happiness through questions asked, and ‘see’ answers heard in the listening.  I imagine, every day, all children existing in a reality with their heads to the sky in gratitude as they come to remain loyal, and without exception, to understanding the damages done of apathy, so to always feel empathy and compassion toward all others in thoughtful consideration of speech.  Never to underestimate an unrelenting forgiveness of wrongs perpetrated by ignorant hearts, and have abundance of love toward their brothers’ and sisters’ in mutual respect and awe for the many differences of mankind.  These things are humanities hopes for an inherited future for good—precious essentials of being human, and the means for survival of life in these painful moments as we together witness a falling away of humanity’s grace.  It is a universal conscious thought that keeps the mortality and immortality of all things connected.  We must come full circle as one, or forever be disconnected from life’s memory.

The ‘voice’ did say to me, “a continued battle of wills is far from over.  The children are deprived of ‘seeing’ the living connections that bond life in its current fragile and consumed disorder.  Connections are stretched to suffering great pains of mourning.  Connections that cannot be severed, and therefore, all do suffer a great anguish.  Moment is sorely abused by malevolent hands, and is now in need of moments repair of earth’s seasons; an insurance of healing for generations to come to heedful discriminate consumption of a given plenty.  All things will remain such as things have been, until earth’s children manifest awareness [feeling] of heartache for strains of life’s losses.  To acknowledge a great shame of universal significance.  There is only love which makes holy the whole.  All are loved the same as a mother loves her children.  Look upon your mother and know her pain is great, and is first cause as it runs as a vein through all living organisms as has always been from first beginning.  All matter of life is of divine worth. Gaze down from the stars of your imagination upon your mother and ‘see’ and feel and know that her pain is known by those called ‘Holy’ in her eyes.  Do you not feel your mother’s suffering so great in her isolation as she trembles with cancers of hate, greed, ignorance, and apathy of complacency toward murderous endeavors showed in the faces of her own?  Your mother has been made unbalanced by the hand of her own children!  She has been made insignificant, seen as less beholden in her great beauty!  Her children no longer feel her as she desperately cries out to their hearts from within her lonely darkness of despair—left alone and dying.  And yet your mother feels not for herself, but weeps endless tears alongside remembrances of all loss.  Do you not ‘see’ your father’s pains of torment?  An agony of sorrows so utter do I feel for your mother. ‘See’ so too,  a beaming eye of joy upon you as you do listen and do finally know the words of endless beseeching: A Love who ‘sees’ and hears and knows you, as have I always.  Loan me your ignorance to make ‘Holy’ moment’s sake.  You know your own heart to be of me where your passions beg to profess outward from within.  You know from where you have come, and then so too, know your place within the energy of connections of inheritance.  I ask only everything of Love from you . . . as I am so named.  Be it eternally understood, Love is what and all that I am.  Love is all that there is.” ©


“In all circumstances, take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the ‘evil’ ones; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.”  [Ephesians 6:16]

Energy does not fade away, but merely transforms.  There is no logic, no reason, in thoughts given to man-made ‘time’ of a “new world order”.  Order of moments have been imprinted upon our countenance from our beginning, and naturally occurs in plain sight of an already given order. “Temporal” and “eternal” are mere words of individual belief ‘systems’ separate of intuition’s ‘voice’; an established divine wisdom.  Keeping faithful of heart in the latter will be the wiser choice in awareness of being, as an eternity is a long time to remain ignorant of one’s own worth with regard to progressive purpose of connection to all things created of Love.  



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