The height of a soul’s storm comes to forefront of face of ‘self’.  There will be no other place to go of extreme mental and physical challenge, where no doubt, an adversary of ‘self’-loathing dwells of heaviness of heart: A haunting torment building tall walls from future hopes and dreams; an utter binding of numbness repressing emotions, leaving thoughts of unbound connections from blood intimacy . . . our beloved of ‘presence of moment, and of ‘times’ past.:  A hopelessness endeavoring  to leave upon our spirit false thoughts lost in self-worth’s desertion. 



At a reckoning of heart’s choosing, one is forced to make contact with ‘self’-Love’s enemy—an anxiety of misunderstanding steeped in conundrums of confusion: A moment come to summon courage to battle the pains imprisoning a broken mind; a determinate hidden lathe painted in violets golds and emerald greens of truths and light is retrieved to cast out the doubts and fears forced upon the mind by society’s ‘s i n s’—A time come to release the hopelessness of heavy chains of ‘self’-unworthiness.


Must be ‘faced, is the fear; an invisible in-breed false ‘power’ of defeat gnawing at the human spirit with words of shame and embarrassment of being as if saying to oneself, “‘I’ am insignificant.”  Once fear does ‘see’ the courage of a soul’s ‘I’, it will know it can no longer dwell.  In this moment, a magnificent courage is instant, and what is recognized through a battle of wills, laying in patient wait, is one’s true ‘self’—found through the wisdoms given  to the unlearning to relearn.  Change is calmly accepted and embraced as a blessing of necessity for balance of control of mind over the heart.  Henceforward, is a shield of ‘knowing’ of inner strength.

A load becomes lightened as one stands in the presence of fear’s illusions of darkness, and that simply pass.  Held high is the lathe of ‘self’-redemption as burdens of heart are lifted.  In this thought, one ‘deals’ with the cycles of man-made dramas of annoyance again and again, but without the attached negativities of once relentless nothingness of hopelessness.  Calm is creativity, positivity, and productivity.  The things of chaos are mere challenge of move rather than anxiety of helplessness and wallowing ‘self’-pity and ‘self’-antagonisms of delusional confinements of ‘self’-doubt and failure.

Ignored will be those who would easily point false fingers of judgment of assumed “fate”; a continuance of unwarranted need for conscious manipulation as they themselves are consumed of ‘self’-embellishing blindness in obsessions of  suffrage of ‘self’-appeasement of the hungers of ego consumed in false pride: A mental ‘cheating’ of life-stage displayed by members of the microcosmic mindset—an ‘evil’-minded mankind playing ‘games’ to justifiably suffer an innocent macrocosmic society.


[The ‘Beast’: 6/electrons, 6/protons, 6/neutrons = A human cell: A MAN of animal mind]


I’m not crazy—just feeling a bit unwell inside.  You see, you can’t tell right now, but if you know me a while, maybe then you’d ‘see’  the freed heart in me.


Seek truths; a heart’s desire to recognize mankind’s affinity toward corrupt animal behaviors.  To ‘see’,  is to know the chronic illnesses of ego’s storm. Without our minds, the ‘beasts of ‘power’ would have no place to deflect an insanity of negative thinking.  When confronted face-to-face in the quiet storm of inner confrontation, the ‘beast’ within can no longer maintain illusions of control.  One must create one’s own world of imagination: A heart’s most powerful tool.  Broken will be the chains of ‘branding’.