‚ÄúThere are two kinds of light, the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures‚ÄĚ. -James Thurber

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A resolve to acheive personal balance, is a belief in your ability to rise up out of a mighty will of love from within. Seems humanity has all but forgotten how to love the¬†world as is:¬† A ‘society’ blinded in divide and conquer mentality such is so great, it robs hearts¬†of an intentional individual ‘self’-worth; a bonded state of oblivious servitude to¬†unawareness. Consequently, mortal love is lost within the hard-hearted actions and words of ignorance carried on the backs of hate, apathy, prejudice, envy, jealousy, aand complacency.¬† Humanity has been made distracted of given moment’s to an experience born in enlightenment; A thievery of a most precious resource for evolutionary change . . . human thought.



Humanity’s destiny or fate will be determined by humanity’s will of thought, and nothing else.¬† Our very hope is that it be a re-awakened view of reality meant to be—a rememberance of prosperity and instinctive communication with life’s true Nature. ¬†We mustn’t forget . . . love is¬†the most profoundly powerful gift on the planet: an imperative mindset to heart no matter individually indoctrinate belief ‘system’ of other intent. ¬† Humanity did indeed first and foremost stand before a ‘God’ of Universal ‘spirit’ . . . what name is many, but¬†all mean¬†Love, and so did accept the responsibility of light as part of a¬†living promise to mend the wounds of man, without judgmental prejudice: A mission to heal and restore dignity to Divine intent. Fate, is the alternative—do nothing set in promise, and thusly reap ‘self’-punishing emptiness.



The reward of ultimate standing to destiny, are the¬†gifts of promise and fulfillment and prosperity; a happiness given unto to the born-free spirit of change and progression. ‘Self’-love and ‘self’-worth must stand guard in keeping promises made toward an accomplishment of peace and joy: A promise made at the gates of the¬†mind. Love must¬†remain loyal and perpetual; a¬†kinship of all kind shape and form. ¬†For humanity to allow another the mere taking of precious life’s gifts, is to deny a Divine order to duty. ¬†How sad if such abominable error comes to pass, surely bringing all life, all purpose, all things, to devastating¬†end.



Positive thoughts are choice made clear real and true.¬†That which seeks remedy of end to the fleeting fabricated ‘systems’ of un-reality that do currently manifest of negative force of intentional disobedient obsolescence. ¬©




“Knowing is beyond believing.¬† ‘God’ exists in all the universe.
Our DNA does tell us so.” ¬†
~Carl Gustav Jung (July 26 1875-June 6 1961)



Beauty is the diamond-in-rough—given to life to experience joy. ¬†It is simply wrong for mankind to interfere with perfection already perfected!













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