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A repeated decision is not always a mistake.

All life presents itself in spark of seed: A masterpiece of contineous algorithms of move —to every seed is chance given to existence of eternal perpetuity.

Some, only care of the thoughts of what others may think—the some too proud to humble before greater reasoning for life’s being. The same some who do feel but refuse a responsibility to acknowledge and not accept the un-reasoned current ‘sufferings’ imposed upon the life-force—the some, who fail to ‘see’ that they are born to light of courage and inspiration for the lost of collective ‘feelings’ of darkness created of man’s illusions of choice; a fallacy of blindness to an acceptance of emptiness waiting to be filled. Some, fail to ‘see’ that fear must be seen and faced and not ignored! The only ‘monsters’ need be destroyed of this world are made in the image of man, as so are created by man! How unfortunate that some choose a “status quo” position of ‘coward’; a choice homage paid to ignorance of mortal place of fear fearing itself of truer instinctual beckoning for chance to change amiss to just!

“Hope conspires with the wind. It blows away the ‘demons’ of despair.” —Maya Angelou

“Messiah”: One who understands a meaning to his/her existence.

“You are the ‘Angel’ you’ve been waiting for! You’re here!”
—Alan Watts

We, and all sentient beings, are born to our own Universe, and therefore, we and only we are responsible for just being a truth of life by just being a truth we bring. To be a meaning is our meaning. Choices made must be our own. This is the law of all things. Forsaken must be the ‘opinions’ of fallactic entity endeavoring to change inner worlds, thusly are doing so against the laws of nature. This, being nothing more than audacity of arrogant proposal to control the outer world to their will! This, we can prevent by simply understanding humility; a human ability [power] of knowing honored place of innate nature.

Dare to peer into the abyss … ūüíę








Music is . . .

a constant . . .

the magic

of everything

Music is accidental

Music is searched

Music is revealed

Touched toned

are voices

between melody

calling . . .

calling . . .

a life bargained

for chance

after chance 

to dance

with eternity ©




You were born the wanderer’s soul. ¬†This is how you began to be whole. ¬†The stars keep dancing, and the world keeps turning. ¬†Why would you think yourself to be any different?




“Tragedy is imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; i.e., through pity [eleos] and fear [phobos] effecting the proper purgation [catharsis] of such emotions.” ¬†









There’s a message in the music, and . . .

The Universe is the master DJ …


Awesome melodies for the musiclectual: ūüéľ










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of silent weeping,
a weary
psyche floats . . .
a weightless sway



Deeply scensed 
is crystal clarity
given unto bond
of understanding
of secreted
silent story



A nobility succors
of intimate essence
not of place
where my body be . . .
but of moment
and space
where ‚Äėspirits‚Äô
seated upon
eyeful towers
of aloof
speak idioms heard
in quiet quiescence
of muse



A wordless breath
sings melodies
of many
upon moment’s



Mortality’s reign
is again exulted . . .
given unto
day’s grace
to place
of walls
lacking ends
where divested
is a never-ending
story ©




Man-made distractions of intent toward an ‚Äėevil‚Äô thievery of souls merely gives way to balance life with millions of reasons to dream.



The Ether: A spiritual place: A mystical ‘state’ of meditative mind where conflicts of heart are called to stand before¬†the Great Soul of air and light.












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“And so, the movie ends, good triumphs over evil, and the music played. ¬†Life is so simple and yet so hard in its ways, and the music played. ¬†So the book begins now that was once just jumbled letters of thoughts—taking each breath with valor … each moment as the last page in a gripping novel clutching your heart as you fall to the floor. ¬†And the music played. ¬†Each tear a marker, middle of the page, the edges battered and turned under—your choices needing no shared explanation. ¬†And the music played. ¬†Dreams are lived, and love is smitten, love is made, and love letters are written even in times of war. Love’s reason seems unfair, but is reasoned within the lessons. ¬†And the music played. ¬†To the end and to the last, drink life for the future and not for the past. ¬†Take what you’ve earned and give it what you want. ¬†Love all that you see, and love all that you don’t. ¬†Be there for love ’til the last breathe, for there’s always one more chapter left—written just for you—sweet melodies filling your soul with love. ¬†And the music played.”

—J Matheson

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“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”

—Ludwig Van Beethoven




ūüíď … “This is my church …”










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How unfortunate for the whole of worldly imagination, that the current supposed ‘leadership’ of like-‘kind’ of the planet are an abomination to truth of meaning of state of mind of humanity!: A¬†mistake in desperate need of remedy!¬† If only ‘the people’—we the ones of all one gifted of divine blood’s design could convince our lost fellowman to come back to ‘kind’-ness! ¬†If only the whole would summon¬†humanity’s courage to forsake perdition’s wounds of corrupt insanity, so all can have chance at expression; a birthright of progressive creativity of due fuition. ¬†And this so to before hedgemony’s lack of ‘kind’-ness blows us all to nothing-ness AGAIN . . .backward¬†. . . AGAIN, into to yet another false belief of a “big-bang” ‘theory’ scenario of “hell” on Earth!¬† What a horrendous UN-natural cycle of existence we continue to leave as legacy without purpose; a consequence of dis-compassion-ed forgetfulness.

Must we continue to pretend¬† life is supposed to be centered in man-made mysteries of ‘hidden’ wonder: A continuance of whys of the born ‘lost’ by default into the¬† unreasoned suffrage so blindly ‘followed’ of apathetically complex ‘brainwashing’?¬† The questions of never-ending whys of wanderings and fallings without end into born darkness of fears based in apprehensive ignorance, because the ‘something’ of inner instinct has been ‘possessed’—a blood suppressed from the¬† ‘something’ which ‘calls’ without end from within us all, laying just behind a thin veil of waiting: A lathe of light showing a truth of life and eternal ‘self’. ¬†It is man’s ‘time’ to listen to the ancient blood of ancestry screaming through our veins to “LET … IT … GO!!”: A communal anxiety of blood- angst for Love’s continuance; a deep desire for change to right the wrongs of the human condition and all life currently made imprisoned of an unhealthy world! ¬†We must understand, to¬†change the health of our ‘God’-given consciousness [imagination] and desires for well-being, is to change the health of the world!¬†¬†

There is NO man-made ‘pill’ to suppress an already perfected will!¬† Life does eliminate [balance-out] the unappreciative and unworthy of natural progression by naturally given ‘selection’ of imagination.¬† ¬†Imagination is key, until perfection is once again satisfied, and so to, without end: A virtual battle for existence—a battle for Love’s survival!¬† Nothing exists in this many-sided abstract reality without imagination’s creativity.

Simplicity is what stabilizes the natural ‘laws’ of intention. Mankind cannot ‘win’ in a continuously losing battle against physics of natural progression!¬† The wicked minded have turned the world into a ‘testing ground’ [school] for the worthy of humanity, where morality and immortality have become the ‘secreted’ rewards hidden from our curiosity; a natural inclination to question. ¬†If one doesn’t want to ‘fall’ for lack of want to question a meaning for the meaningless sufferings, and doesn’t want to repeat the ‘lessons’ of what love is, and what love is not, then all must rise to mortality and defend our already existent perfected reality!¬† ‘See’ all, feel awe of just taste of eternity: A joy uninhibited! To believe in yourself is the same as to have faith in an inborn divinity; a¬† connective light of grand soul of consciousness centered in dignity existing in just being, and without expectations of unjust proof of cause!

Indeed, humanity will be called ‘mad’, but know too, this is merely a contrived label; a word of negative vibration and language used for a specific purpose of¬† intention toward division and misunderstanding. And what of¬†it?!¬† And so what to it! ¬†Do we not have a birthright to NOT deny the ‘something’ of ‘mad’-ness we feel of unsatisfied peace of mind and heart of well-being?: A want for precious moments wasted in sorrowful life’s sorry s of devastating losses and beautiful days this man-sick planet stole from our very soul’s desire! Therefore, just like the moon displays passion of mood, never shall we hide madness!

The “beast” is made many—residing forcibly within humanity’s core—imbedded at birth and must be slaughtered, individually, and before it consumes the very energies of freely given will to just be alive!

We of these generations of eternal now do so achingly wish someone would have advised us sooner of what we understand of the source of sickness of ingrained ignorance: An initially nauseating awareness which does prompt us to choose faith wisely: A faith which enlightens natural truths.¬† It is for life to live and love freely of intent, and to suffer no one to ill-will of ‘hell’s’ fury of discontentment and confusion of¬†illusions as ‘resident’ [slave] of another’s anxiety for selfish endeavors caused of learned indifference toward all others! We are taught—systematic-ly trained and engrained to do what is conformly ‘expected’, and thusly and regretably we miss what ‘calls’ our attention to the ‘something’ greater of life’s reward—happiness gifted of thoughts [imagination] in mindful good intention in continued commitment toward¬† happiness of the whole.

Every child born [gifted], and every life presented to this world should be permitted freely the right to ‘just be’ the passion and love they bring. And inturn, should ‘expect’ nothing less and nothing more of all ‘kind’ . . . despite all else of distractive measure! This is our right of guarantee for the good and deserving things of life to come naturally as is intended of a connected Universe. Happiness IS the ‘calling’ . . . ALL life is worthy! ¬†Never should humanity’s responsibility of mindfulness,¬† spirit, and inner sense of stewardship, allow anyone or anything force a thinking otherwise!¬† These moments of now are steeply and seriously wrenched in ¬†neglect and disrespect of untold proportion. Millions¬†of chances of missed joy come intended to change the world!

Humankind must choose thoughts and decisions wisely: A mindfulness of divine value so long overdo to comprehension of beauty’s dying diversity!¬† Ours is to appreciate, admire, and let just be, rather than choosing thoughts in ingrained ill-willed indifference of divisions ungodly ugliness! The latter surely will, as history has shown us over . . . and over . . . and over, the end result of finality [extinction] left to a repetition of abuse by the wicked!: ¬†A profound devestation committed against the natural progression of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions of the states of life’s mind. ¬©


Perdition: An imposed imprisionment of mind under pretence of fear; a profound disturbance created of systematic secular society: A means to control the masses to evolve toward unnatural ends.

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Happiness is not a¬† “pursuit” as is falsely proposed by deceitful thoughts of mankind, but is the reward recognized of self-worth when the heart unites with wisdoms of intimacy [soul] centered in compassion, kindness, and giving necessary to meet the requirement of balance between the give and take of the seasons of birthright of all life.

Everything of existence exists within a perfected order.   Humanity must return to the mindset of humble acceptance; an embracing of forgotten instinctive morality of mortality.  Why would humanity so grossly think themselves the exception to given ordered place of Universal law?  An instinctive knowledge of place within the whole.

Humanity is meant to exist for experience in moments of joy gifted of an eternal now of vested personal truths that need¬†be shared to the whole for purpose of change. ¬†And everything, just as a child is disciplined for imbalance of temperment, has ill consequence to be learned and understood without provication if thoughts meant for the giving are not given toward a betterment of life for the whole. The reward for courage of unselfishness, is happiness—gratitude reaped of higher conscious accomplishment of being, and even no matter the rain of self-inflected pains of ignorance tolerated through lessons given for greater necessity’s sake.

A suffering continues, over and again, until be realized a humility gained of the broken-ness of false expectation, disillusionment, and disappointment. ¬†Humility gathers up the broken pieces to show the path to reconstruction through intimate conversation of ‘muse’ of greater ‘force’ of core being: A true who of ‘self’ found if one is brave enough to dare remove a mask of gross intention; a numbered permission to enter the ‘stage’ of altered reality of illusions of lure.

Within comes the revelations of mortification of conformity moved by evil-minded endeavor. ¬†‘Seen’ is the continuous consumption of precious wasted souls [gifts]: A punishment of tears of self-disappointment spent in ignorance and mental imprisionment of anxious torment for want of dreams deferred by stolen moments.

The greatness of mankind, the arts of emotion . . . music,¬†poetry, story-telling and writing, painting, the humanities—remembrances of histories rich in thoughts of desire for change of heart and consciousness! ¬†And if one is completely honest with the truer of ones-‘self’, it will be from these desires that mindful wisdoms naturally flow from the center of being; a balance where freedom exists. ¬†No suffered anxious ego needing constant consult of place and reason.

The more expediently humanity gets it’, the sooner the world’s children will no longer be burdened of the ‘sins’ of apathetic forefathers. ¬†And an end will surely come to the insanity of killing propagated of false ideological‚Äč claim.

Life’s adversity is a false ‘bitch’, and will continue to be so until is acknowledged that the Earth is as our glorious Mother to what souls continue to return to through her womb to complete an ‘assigned’ task. There are no exceptions! ¬†And so it is . . . to the ones who remove the mask go the rewards of a just taste of anticipation of “heaven” on Earth; a state of spiritual sight revealing the truths of worthiness—beauty reaped of perdition’s tears of persistence toward Love’s promised perfection!

Forgiven must be everything of the sleepy minds of ignorance while the awakened heart forsakes the illusion of shamed mark by showing the world a born face of imagination’s courage of creative charge!

To humanity is entrusted happiness; a responsibility of divine measure to be shared with all manner of matter! Smile we must, as we reap a gratefulness of full heart in knowledge of miracles happening upon life at every precious moment!

As much as is reconciled in the silence of redemtion by ones of broken connection, such must be repeated aloud by all, until the aloneness of angst for change is no more!

Physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual hungers are all equally painful.  A humbled stewardship entails human compassion to call out the suffrage of any species for what it is . . . an abomination in the sight of existence!©


“Virtue has a veil, vice a mask.” —Victor Hugo

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A Thread-bearer speaks

beyond the ordinary

Sown is an impart © -epc



Love is quantum entanglement





MUSE: A ‘holy’ spirit: ¬†A sanctioned observer of all things of unvarnished linked whispers bearing existence as old as the Universe. ¬†A ‘reflection’ of sort; a phantom of silhouette of glimpse and shadows of outlined patterns of ¬†reproductive Phi well detailed; a beckoning of awe toward all part of the original.




Spirutal intelligence conquers AWE.¬†ŠÉ¶


Conscious confusion ensues when forced is interjection of egotistical fears of imposed deterent of will of infinity negated¬†out of the ‘self’: An indivisible quantum inner facing. ¬†The divisible ego must be constricted and restricted, so can part an impart of re-‘vision’ come through conversation of frequency of ‘voice’ void of pretense.¬†


“We are all connected.
To each other biologically.
To the earth chemically.
To the Universe atomically.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Neil deGrasse Tyson










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#truthofLove . . . Do not ignore what beckons from the core!



“Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strenghtened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ¬†—Helen Keller

Life and Death¬†¬†It is not the suggestive heart that should be ‘followed’, as is suggested, as the heart is the bearer of anguish¬†at best, becoming¬†easily¬†broken by the insignificient, mundane and meaningless¬†guilts and regrets it feeds upon¬†in opposition¬†to¬†the soul simultaneously begging intuitions logic which so easily succumbs¬†to mankind’s spiteful¬†ignorance! ¬†Love, is the intimate forgiver, and therefore, is ‘stored’ at¬†the core of being because Love is the perpetual and purposeful energy that transforms and does not fade away, as such is the nature of the human heart—so easily filled with negative charge offered of¬†proposition of mind. It is reasonable to say that the mind¬†must first be ’emptied’ of the things of angst’s imprisionment, thusly so the soul can offer the ways of intuitions positive solution to counter¬†‘the darkness of unreason given to human thoughts. ¬†This, is the¬†battle; a¬†must of fight in order to re-gain and maintain a¬†knowledge of the light once know, allowed to just be.¬†This, is the what of meaning of “born again”—to rid, to ‘un-program the mind¬†of¬†society’s stagnation of imposed ills of will.



The¬†mind must remain vigilant to ‘see’ the things of the soul’s craving; an¬†allowance of¬†heart to¬†purpose. ¬†The heart is the¬†organ created to¬†carry the genes of blood-reign who speak from¬†the soul. ¬†The heart is the doorway of entrance meant to feed the soul’s worth, but is used and¬†abused¬†by malevolent force as an exit for external damnation if one does not listen to the cries of internal endearment. ¬†The heart beats fast for anxiety’s ways of doom; a ‘cheering on’ for a death of personage. ¬†In an awareness of truths, the heart¬†remains at peace [rest] when comforted by the ‘voice’ of internal influence.



A cyclic Universe¬†is eternal beauty and chaos. ¬†Life¬†is no different, and¬†cannot exist one without the other. ¬†Internal Love carries the soul¬†moment to moment within¬†the light¬†perpetually speaking;¬†an eternity of¬†souls of Love’s energy battling a¬† blinded heart’s despair for repair. Love is the ‘Temple’¬†binding¬†the Earth to the Universe.¬† And if¬†it is Love [light] we must fight for¬†as we¬†roam¬†the rhelms of physical¬†[dark] experience, then stands to reason that “success” is¬†the re-absorption of Love’s energies once given over to deceitful illusions residing in the festering darkness of mind.



‚ÄėHome‚Äô, is the name of the internal light that is; an energy beckoning humanity to ~~just be~~.¬†¬©




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“In contrast to the monotheistic religions with their linear view of sacred time and the progressive nature of history leading to a final eschcatological event, many Neo-Pagans view sacred moments¬†as cyclical, rotating between life and death in an eternal cycle of periodic renewal, which Mircea Eliade called ‘the eternal return’. In contrast to the Dharmic religions, which seek escape from this cycle, many Neo-Pagans embrace it. Far from being a source of pessimism or despair, for these Neo-Pagans, the ineluctability of death gives deeper meaning to existence.”







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“We’re just two lost souls
swimming in a fish bowl . . .
year after year . . . “
—Pink Floyd






It has become imperative to review a forgotten point-of-view. It’s a¬†good thing we are the generations who remember a¬†truer reality. ¬†We are the keepers of wisdom within. ¬†We only need to allow it to speak.¬†The more clearly we focus our thoughts¬†on the wonders of the Universe surrounding¬†us,¬†the less damage is sustained of distortion.



People of these moments no longer¬†consider the individual¬†perspective, because indifference has become the norm of altered thinking societies. ¬†It is hard to¬†comprehend¬†that employees of corporate entity are actually ‚Äėtrained‚Äô in ‚Äúpolicy and procedure‚ÄĚ of expectation to ‚Äėdeal‚Äô with the bullshite¬†they are subjected to from arrogant consumers, and yet are compensated¬†very little to be ‚Äėstaged‚Äô in attitude adjustment to handle¬†inwardly destroyed-outwardly¬†ugly people; a pretense of ‚Äėacting‚Äô as though they are not¬†emotionally, physically, and even economically and financially, affected: An expectation¬†of personhood¬†numbness.



Empathy and consideration can and does¬†go a long way. ¬†¬†Petty people could be ‚Äėre-trained‚Äô to be human simply by taking away the social ‚Äėdevices‚Äô that promote selfishness, separation, and apathy. Guaranteed to bring people back to remembrance¬†of instinctual knowledge of ‘how to’ be considerate and more in tune to the ‚Äėfeelings‚Äô of others rather than be an¬†impenetrable bubble of ignorance that some¬†currently have become.

#ditchthenotsosmartphone once in awhile! #communicationisnotacrime.



#Indifference is #inhumane: A new conscious feeling. ¬† We all have been at one time or another¬†in a room full of people‚ÄĒall glued to their ‚Äėdevices‚Äô. ¬† This presents a feeling of aloneness; an epidemic of sadness, and hence, the very reason for uncomfortable human¬†stirrings; an up rise in numbers going to a psychologist or psychiatrist for misunderstood ‚Äėconditions‚Äô of mental and emotional breakdown, when all people¬†really want and have need for is natural human connectivity. ¬†But of course, and par for societal recourse, drugs are easily dispensed¬†to curb an anxiety of intolerance, since empathetic ones who seek human interaction are the ones seen by all others to be the very ones less tolerated.



Humanity IS NOT moving forward! Humanity is stagnated in as far as evolution of thought. This, is exactly how the status quo would have it as is obvious and continuous is the conjuring of new ways to control the things of already given natural laws of order persistently striving to progress!



#WakeupNOW! ¬†Now of moments is the right of birthright! ¬†There is no future without now! Exchange fear of ‚Äėvoice‚Äô with¬†courage of heart to live to just be! ¬†Give no precious mind‚Äôs moments to immoral and complicated illusions offered of the insane few who seek to reap with greed aforethought! Freedom is not the delusions given to gains of want, freedom is being who you are without indoctrinate false sense of need for things to falsely¬†profess it!



‘Karma’: An egocentric frame of thought not unlike drama and dogma of most ‚Äúreligions‚Ä̬†whose sole over souls purpose is to divide and conquer; an obstacle of personal conscious¬†undermining¬†placed of¬†one’s thoughts as one pursues a journey toward #introspection of personal truths vested in happiness. “Karma” is a mere conjured word intended to incite¬†spiritual¬†flaw‚ÄĒa¬†voo-doo doll-like judgment placed upon the head of¬†another in¬†hate-filled desire¬†for revenge of broken heart: A perpetuated not forgotten¬†unforgiving. ¬†“Karma” therefore, is nothing more than false [narcissistic] notion absent a¬†righteous intention of heart toward another. ¬†

No one ever says, ‘I wish you good karma’. What is said is, ‘karma will get you!’



‘Humility’: A learned character adjustment necessary to acheive the¬†ability to set all things of meaningless debris free. ¬©




“The moment you stop racing, is when you will realize that you have won the race.”¬†¬†—Bob Marley












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Every woman’s heart is deserving of¬†a ‘fairytale’ Love. ¬†Imagine that! A belief of heart¬†worth bringing¬†forth to be meant¬†to just be where broken is its own kind of beautiful.


Happiness is to love and to be loved.¬†¬†And yet, how many souls do truly¬†feel loved—the ‘something’ to have without reason for¬†logic aforethought: A ‘something’ of faith:¬†A faith of knowing. ¬†A ‘go with the flow’ mentality necessary to evolve to allow the¬†‘self’ to¬†feel the ‘something’ that¬†is real!


She feared a listening to her own ‚Äėvoice‚Äô‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ääfeared that the pains of her soul would bleed out the tears of many lives hidden of the words waiting to be spoken through the silence. She summoned a courage of¬†‚Äėunderstanding‚Äô of¬†question of ‚ÄėWhat has been the most important thing you have done in moments of life-times?‚Äô ¬†She already summized an answer, as she is a survivor of Love‚Äôs ‘tests’ of endurance, because after the scars, she stilled angst for love.


A woman’s intuition¬†is¬†sincere, and even when made ignorant¬†for a time of Love’s blinding. She¬†chooses¬†to love Love always, and even in an eternal tiring of trying, as she cannot easily give up on love so wantonly desired. ¬†She will attempt discovery of means of acquire¬†as she¬†wills¬†a world of her own desire‚ÄĒ‚Äägiving¬†wholeheartedly to Love’s¬†rhythms as it tares¬†down the walls of distrust in unending attempt at rebuilding her¬†pieces continually falling at her feet. She waits for¬†the melting; a smile that tells her he needs her. ¬†A trust in his eyes that says he will never leave her. The touch of his hand in hers that says he’ll catch her when she falls. ¬† A lust for repetitive kiss of¬†‘because I love you’. Until the moment of betrayal comes‚ÄĒ‚Äähe lets go of her hand, he pushes he away with indifference, and kisses her no more. ¬†He hears nothing at all¬†through her¬†tears lost in a seeking of Love’s seeming unreason. ¬†All this, she does endure¬†for want¬†of Love to make love to her like the storm ravages the ocean!


Is¬†‘the devil’ of mind delusional?¬†¬†Is¬†the ‘God’ of hearts an illusion? ¬†Faith, is choice made clear of¬†reflections of choosing direction‚ÄĒ‚Ääbe it negative thoughts of impending loss of worth by idiocy of hearsay, or be it positive thought for the keeping of heart¬†of¬†understanding Love’s way for growth and preservation? ¬†Is not Love a do or die challenge of worthy battle¬†for Universal soul sake?


Perhaps . . .  Love designed her for contentment for a time in aloneness.



Perhaps . . . ‘something’ of the Universe desires her for a¬†purpose as it whispers in her ear,¬†“I am sorry for your rain of pain, but it must be this way for sway.”




Dearest Duke: ‘Move’ your Princess wisely, or¬†lose her entirely.


Dutiful¬†Princess: ¬†Let not mankind give you unreason to think¬†you are not of ‘substance’. ¬†You . . . are given in loan for Love’s greater sake!¬† If many are un-worthy, have no doubt in your faith that many others pray you walk in love their way.


Perhaps . . . for many, love comes in pieces in a noisy world.  One must be willing to lose connection with people, places, and things that create all the noise in order for the peace of Love to flow freely from the broken pieces.



A private conversation in Love’s sway, is¬†a soul quenched of a wound.



He asks: “Does Love truly exist?”

She answers: “Love is an adjective and a verb moving all matter of noun. ¬†Love, is the what of who¬†you are¬†of¬†what you do, and of what you say or don’t say; a word of meaningful connection to just being. ¬†Thus, it is meaning what you seek. ¬†Love, just is‚ÄĒ‚Ääthe same as always been.”


He asks: Well, if we marry, will we ‘find’ meaning?


She answers: Depends¬†on your life perspective. ¬†You won’t ‘find’ what was never lost. ¬†If you ‘find’ that there is beauty in life, then Love’s meaning is self-evident. ¬†If you keep ‘looking’ for Love as a thing to grasp, you will never ‘find’ it, because Love just is and was never lost. ¬†What you must ‘find’, is yourself . . . Love is there first; a¬†way of being, again to just be. ¬†To love yourself first, you must dare take off the mask given you at birth by ‘systematic society’. ¬†You will ‘see’ and feel Love everywhere and in everything if you do this first! ¬†Once you rid yourself of the mask, you’ll want no more to hide behind it! ¬†All ¬†truth will be revealed immediately:¬†A joy of all Love released from its imprisonment of mindlessness!


Simplicity . . . is where Love resides! ¬†No need to seek it! ¬†And even through the proposed and created masks of broken-heartedness, Love remains faithful to YOU! ¬†The one thing of life you can be sure of is that a meaning of faith is simple . . . faith is ¬†about belief in Love’s presence in all things believing ¬†in YOU . . . despite all else!


Q:  What is mortal sin?

A: ¬†Mortal “sin” is what it is, the sins of mortals’ lies and ties created by the wicked ruseful who do knowingly and¬†willingly¬†betray their fellow mortals: A convincing blindness assured given of mask to uncertainty and unreasonable illegitimacy of perplexing complexities¬†of¬†intentional stagnation of individual imagination’s creation of perfected evolution . . . over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over of each new berth unending, until each can deny no more the ‘voice’ of thought within of whisper to ‘take off the un’god’ly [ugly] mask of unknowing shame’! ¬†“Sin”, is a thing of mere mortal’s sole unsoulful doing by choice! Nothing more than human drama of dogmas¬†having nothing to do with a ‘God’ of all¬†things created of love!


She, one of continuous counting of many, is¬†overdone with lies and contrived controls of mass mania vested in mankind’s religions and politics; words of ‘other’ [hidden] meaning professed through dillusion! ¬†She, comes over and over, holding a divine Love close to being in spite of mankind’s own ‘evil’ inventions of spiritual reckage!


Give her¬†simplicity and she’ll¬†be fine! ¬†The Earth the beach the beach house and wine! ¬†Please take note of the sign on the entry-way door strunned in pink¬†cockle shells and clay purple turtle bells:¬†“WELCOME: NO mask of TV governed-mentality to ruffle your hair! ¬†Please do leave un-smart phones on the veranda chair!”


A reachable DREAM come true . . . IF . . . she frees her will to know an experience has no mask!


Love is given to hearts for the serving, yet sadly abused by the undeserving. ©










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