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Charles Spencer Chaplin – Beloved Comedian –
16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977 (aged 88)

“You need power only when you want to do something harmful. Otherwise, love is enough to get the job done ”
— Charlie Chaplin

Oh Shenanigans . . .

let me coont the ways of yee

Laughter be yer stain! 🍀©

— epc

“The moment yeh’ve stopped laffin’, is the moment yer maker calls yeh tah have a wee wuid about the stew yeh’ve created fah yerself, ‘cause yeh forgotten there’s always more laffin’ to be had!”
— Nanny

The real transformation, after the “wounds” of heart’s wisdom, is to change anxiety to laughter, and only love can do that. Self-love first, is from where all love flows.

Love, is vulnerability leading us back to the gardens of Eden. Love, is all there is. Love anyway, and love always!

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“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people”.

— Carl Jung

Q: What’s wrong with the human species the human species perpetually asks?

A: Labeling—labeling based in wrongful assumptions and judgements, leaving false cause for indifference and division. Some—as in the many some, develop an over-inflated [false] sense of superiority [ego], and the masses keep falling for it in their forgetfulness that they are their own part of the whole, and are thus, a truth of gravity holding an innate intention. Thusly, we must respect another’s intention, and even without understanding. Humans have opinions, beliefs, and a personal innate faith which takes a lifetimes of growth to develop at the heart. No negative and detrimental responses required, nor should be given. Let the spirit suffer cause and effort for the learning curves of life. The high and mighty of ego will suffer anguished karma of mind in their lack of understanding caused by cognitive dissonance. They fear, they became easily frustrated, they manipulate, and intimidate—the very manifestation of vulnerability; a fear of losing false place suited in false indenture—the outing of voice exposing the lies and ties of intimidation. This—the very fear that must be faced to see that fear never really was real. A courage that nce was is redeemed moving forward to intended truth—a light of way out of the dark conundrum of confusion.

Understanding is the greatest lesson learned through experiences first based in scenarios of manmade hells—the dark-sided lies of humanity’s fears—the inner “primitive beast”—a monster of human form roaming the planet refusing to face its inner self-reflection, and so misses chance meet with the heart of intention, to clearly recognize the lessons coming from the eye of “G.O.D.”—a mighty force of gravity—whatsoever may be of perpetual persistence for chance to dance in manner of dignity and grace no matter the matter, until the dance reveals self-worth; the greatest reward found through personal battles of fight necessary toward remembering one’s power for change, to clear a path through mind’s mess, for dream’s to manifest the greatest story ever told, you!

Judge no one but yourself!

Humanity wavers at the edge of choice charge—be it positive, or be it negative—a matter of personal choice, because “God”, in its simplicity, is the g.aining of’s d.efinition reflected in the change. All is a reflection of ”God”—life. Why would we think ourselves any different? ©️


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Artist: Saeed Razzaghi

“A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.”

— John Sawhill

Humanity, is what can only save its own place of worth within these many conscious choice physical realities—a seeking quietly and personally to the taking back the right to life what was written and affirmed upon the existence of one’s long-standing ancient seed. Stepped aside we’ve done—time and time again, from the gutters of uttered provocations of mankind’s proclaiming of unlawful induction to fear—lies and ties of thoughts storied in mankind’s dark-sided “supernatural” frame of visceral complexity. A day comes however , when realized it is we of free thought who are responsible for the sustainment of choice thoughts—a will of nature connected to the calling of hearts return to the gardens of “Eden”. As “they”—the now of we of “they” say, “Truth IS greater than fiction”, if, we gather our thought’s return to faith in humanity’s divinity of instinctual nature—the ‘something’ of natural selective sense of presence—the infinite soul of all one what knows intended deeds of force necessary to the attainment of positive energy’s projection of intent toward preservation.

“Crazy” doesn’t mean lazy. Crazy is what we will be called when reality shows us crazy’s inner reflection—the very means what will clear the foggy haze blocking remembrance to mindset of well-being for all life. Do we turn-a-blind-eye and allow dark-minded humanity to continue to usurp life to their insanity for control? Or do we intimately turn innately to face the “demons” of alternative detriment to say, ‘Enough! This is my life!’ and thus proceed forward, again, toward natural ways to paths of inner peace.

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We are but a drop of Love’s hope.

Is it true—that without pleasure and suffering, there’d be no experience, no existence?

The muse

of wonder exists

within a mind’s quandar 

She calls me fickle

and beckons me

to bathe 

perdition’s sufferings 

in redemptive waters

of heart’s secrets

It was something

she said

of the ocean’s expanse 

in conversations 

of other reality  

of time and space 

She whispers . . .

‘Fall  apart— 

for  time

is unlimited . . .

and nay and nay

be said 

of other sway

of way away 

from eternity’s fray

I am here to stay . . .

to play 

in dreams

where angels and demons 

dare not tread . . .

and wish they could’

The muse . . .

she always says . . .

‘Time  and space

fall apart . . .


I  am 

the magic . . .

you are 

the limited spark

of human time


of unlimited space—

a fickled spark 

of art thou art


for always 

the light what

never sleeps

within dark spaces

of the fickled heart’ ©️


“Forgetting pain is convenient, but remembering the truth is worth the suffering. And our wonderland, though damaged, is safe in memory.”

—The Cheshire Cat,

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

It is for humanity to remember a forgotten point-of-view. We—the now of eternity, are the generations challenged to ‘see’ the many dualities dividing realities. We—the ‘keepers’ of wisdom’s wing dripping with perdition’s sanguineous stain. We need only to allow the great soul within ourselves to speak—to move to touch the mysteries of the universe with wonder aforethought—so to feel the yearning for answers to whys of comprehension for distortions created for sake of suffering—so to bleed out the wrath of stagnation offered by fallen angels and demons who do not want us to recognize the light of ourselves, for this would surely mean they will no longer have power over soul’s energies destined to fated eternity—the never ending story.

HUMILITY—the power necessary to achieve redemption—an adjustment of gravity allowing for greater will to set meaningless and unreasonable things of misery’s debris free!

Eikona — “Think of Me”

“ I don’t mind going down the rabbit hole if there are rabbits and tea. “

— Cheryl, @CherylHillPhoto

“ Remember what the dourmouse said, ‘Feed your head’ ” … with knowledge—never stop learning!

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“Until we heal the root cause of our suffering, and awaken to our true nature, our inherent confusion will continue to manifest itself in the world around us.”

— Joseph P Kauffman

No doubt, we are creators and destroyers of form, through vision’s will.

With all do respect to the wisdoms of the Buddha, I beg to differ. “Form”, exists in many form—be it physical, cognitive, or spiritual. The trick is to never confuse blind fate with determinate destiny’. Fate is what we allow to happens to us. Destiny is what we are determined toward—a compulsion to create in spite of mankind’s proposition to maintain an unnatural fate.

It’s the ‘con’-formed mind that is denied chance at learning multiple perspectives toward [personal] truths—an unreasoned uninformed lack of understanding allowing for truths to remain covert. Therefore, should we not beg the question, ‘Is closed-mindedness a “form” of subjective suffering?’ Because truth IS what it IS —truth, no matter the uninformed mind of subjective immeasurable opinion toward mankind’s menace and malice of mindlessness.

Think vast passed the deceits of the past to enable vision’s meaning of unbiased connective wanton eternal soul; a desire for wholeness of peace—the very sustenance to understanding form.

“As above, so below”. We know now that every galaxy bares a “black hole” at the center. What makes us think gravity would hold us any different? Everything that is—a sharing of the light that is creating a world of our own wishes, because all things are made “form” through intuitive truths, which surely must mean be it the heart’s desire over mind’s matter so to bring into existence the heart’s vision of form. We are a darkness at the center—sucking in the light of existence, while the mind’s compulsion destroys.

A meaning to having confidence is as simple as being courage to be yourself through the darkness of self-confined judgement. Peace must come inwardly firstly, in the acknowledgment of our own ignorance. Forgive yourself your own foolishness. In turn, forgiving others their foolishness follows seamlessly within this realization. ©️

— epc

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The elements speak silently clear, ‘til finally is hear that “G.O.D.” is near.

Daytona Beach, April, 2020 — EP Carry

‪♋️ Earth‬en enigma
‪🌬 of whispered wind
‪💧Water’s desire
🔥 and fire’s kin
‪🍃 Air ‬of grace on Nature’s face

Humanity: An energy of Nature’s creation come of wisdom’s bosom—an image of design—a Steward of time on Earth of all the things of mystery’s awe given to life amongst the things of the light’s harmony.

Faith: A matter of first recognition. ‬

Humility: A silent listening to the truths of instinctual whispers coming from the ‘something’ of vital aforethought necessary to move progression’s eternal action forward, through us.

“G.O.D.”, it seems, is pure conceptual imagination: A personal endowment of perception to un-compromised awe of all the things of always now demanding our attention‬ to moment — the all of awed things of one name and of one reason in this irony of duplicity’s gravity against the fractals of continuance — that being that all that we experience is the same experienced by reflection — the great conundrum of imagination.

— epc

“G.aining O.nes D.efinition”

— Common, the Musician

“Like ultraviolet rays, memory shows to each man in the book of life a script that invisibly and prophetically glosses the text.”

— Walter Benjamin

‘Something’ personal is what Love sings through each heart. One only needs to listen to recognize one’s reflection.

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(Credit to unknown artist)


Why is love desired? Because desire is love. How do we not love if we call love our home—this place within? We just are, as we come to know we exist within dark spaces of storm eating one another’s joys and pains in strive to keep lit the light of heart’s compulsion. 


We are human first—one to another; a simple sharing of devotion to being. We are love, and in this love we strive to cherish one another’s voice of vulnerability—the awareness that as one falls another picks up the pieces to add to the canvas of joys and pains of uncertainty. And thus it so, life becomes an intensity of fight for the light.


A broken wing remains broken until another mends it with threads of love, the many are rendered whole—hearts entwined no longer blind.


I, becomes all in these moments owed to the belonging of stars. You belong to me, I belong to you too in this incompleteness. Tell me I AM real. Tell me I AM enough as I AM.


We come . . . 

alone . . .

and in our heads

we attempt

to steer roads

that have no path . . .

no GPS maps . . .

no promise 

of certainty, destiny,  

or beginning or end  . . . 

until we are rendered lost

Pardon me

if I feel

a stilled magic

of conversation

with myself

on these dead-end


in attempts . . . 

again and again . . . 

to mend

this quiet aloneness

I AM the Queen

of all my “sins” 


to self-forgiveness,

and all my

blessings forever unsaid

And still . . .


I AM alone within . . .

in and

of my nature

of invisible beauty

Surly it must be so then . . .

I AM a path—

one with all beauty

in understanding

of cause

visibly clear—

a love so high

on proof

of singe’d wing

slowly mending 

the threads

of ‘something’

come from

infinity’s soul

Surely homage is due

to impart

to this weaving

of love

at the alter

of altering awe ©

— epc


Juxtaposition: The placement of two or more things side by side, often in order to bring out their differences in the sameness. 


We come to know our worth when our heart desires the dance of rhythmic devotion to the entanglement—two steps forward-no steps back; a silent humbling in the humming.


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💔 Heartache: A profound bleeding of spirit.

Music is the cure but haunting muse to revelations of calm and peace. 💙

Stunning Digital Sculptures

by Adam Martinakis

“I am living proof that a shattered heart can still beat”.
— Maryellen Dennis

(All credit to the artists of this beautifully presented piece of art and music)


🎶 ” Pardon me

Pardon me ..
if I evet hurt you

Pardon me

Pardon me …
if I ever hurt you

Pardon me

Pardon me

The other day I argued with my love
The other day I argued with my husband
And now …
His hands no longer touch my neck
His hands no longer touch my waist
His hands no longer stroke my hair
He no longer looks me in the eye …
and my heart aches

Pardon me

Pardon me …
if I ever hurt you

Pardon me

I love him so! I love my darling so much!
I love him so!
I will always follow my love

Pardon me …
Pardon me …
if I ever hurt you

His hands no longer touch my neck
His hands no longer touch my waist
His hands no longer touch my breasts
His hands no longer caress my head …
and my heart aches “🎵

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Plant Love 🌿

Rise above the noise of ignorance, to once again recognize the power of plant love.


(Photo courtesy: – no copyright infringement)

I’ve had many pleasures of experience with plants. I can honestly say I think they feel our presence of breath as we absorb their beauty. If we care enough, we can even hone in to, as to tune-in to their vibe. There are no words to express this—we just feel what we feel is real.

I sometimes daydream about my involvement with the plants I’ve had pleasure to connect with, and even those of my childhood; like as though they don’t want me to forget them. My mother let me water hers. I’d talk to them while gently cleaning their foliage and gently picked off the dead pieces. I’d tell them they looked and smelled so beautiful. Little did I know then that my very breathe was feeding their air while they were feeding my soul and invigorating my lungs with clean oxygen. To this day, I daydream of a personal paradise where all the plants of my life are there—including my once beautiful vegetable gardens and flower beds. We spoke of love to one another through mutual air of memory.

As I grew older, I discovered lots of beautiful plants. One day, I came across the stunning cannabis varieties, and when an opportunity arose, I dared venture to grew seven of the Indica variety—not to intentionally smoke them, but just to admire them. They were magical and spectacular! I tended to them daily. They took up half the bedroom closet in my small apartment. I researched how to properly care for them—each to their space. I provided them with ultraviolet light and tin-foiled walls. I feed them a specially prepared soil mix, plant food, and watered them with pure spring water. I touched them. I smelled them. I spoke to them just to breathe them in. I even played music for them. And you know what? I fell in love with them too, and dare I tell, I felt a depth of peace from sheer awe of their beauty—a kind of peace I could never put to words. They grew to 5 ft. tall.

Unfortunately, a day came when I had to betray them—to destroy them when came time for me to move. I quietly cried to them as I spoke my apologizes. I felt a physical heart-stabbing at having to do this terrible thing! I hung them carefully to dry, and then did decide to smoking them rather than just toss them aside somewhere. How does one describe an ultimate feel of peace and calm? I had smoked Cannabis in the past, but never did I feel what I felt from these, my darlings I called them. It was as though they were saying, ‘We forgive you’—as though they were returning the love they had received from me during their short-lived lives. View full article »


(Photo courtesy Photographer unknown)

All souls on our beautiful planet suffer. Some profoundly! We are not meant to build walls. We are meant to prevent them! The first wall at Wall Street still stands looming as it wields it mighty [illegitimate] powers over worldly affairs while consuming everything like the vultures they are! Oh how deep runs the blood of rotted irony! In simple terms, governments are corrupt! Funny not funny that they are capable of control; consequently cursing people to suffrage! As Michael Jackson says it, “They don’t really care about us”. Therefore, “We the people” 🐑 have right to reboot our vulnerability! Vulnerability is growth power, and power-up we should and must to our soul’s content!


Think vast, because love IS the answer, the suffering tells us so.


“Infatuation is measured in pleasure. Love is measured in pain. Behold the value of pain!”

— Anthony Marais, Delusionism


They who are soulless do not love! This we all must comprehend to accept! They do not have emotional capacity to ‘see’ beauty’s worth! And here stands reason for their unreasoned desires for chaos over peace!

Understand, deeply, that there can never be change, as is known to be so of antiquity, until humanity’s place of Stewardship over the many is reclaimed!

Change yourself, change your thoughts to change the narrative! Courage, voice, wisdom and determinate, are what we are, for sake of change!


Life is
so tall
yet so small
up against
the wall
It will take
a mighty will
of all
to make
it fall! ©️

— epc


“Ashes or diamonds, foe or friend, we’re all equal in the end”
— Roger Waters, Writer, Pink Floyd


Deeply runs anger, agony, and angst through all fluids of Earth so much so, that the children of Earth feel her pains of angst for love . What life beeches is love.



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(Photo via

Have faith in the feelings of heart—so to allow the tears of the soul to travel the breath of life’s vibrations of imagination.

Because …

“It takes a long time to sound like yourself. “

—Miles Davis

These are the moments of feeling helpless and alone when there is no one to hold us, no one to tell us, ‘It’ll be ok’, when someone we love is taken, and memory haunts us day and night. Music explains the love we keep, because the music becomes the catalyst of cure in the end—the redemption holding piece of the puzzle waiting for the right pieces of juxtaposition to form the definitive core, unconditionally. Music whispers, ‘Hold on, another day is coming to lift you’, as it attempts to bring us back to life out of the numbness of anxiety’s pains of  exhaustion.

Everything dances to keep moving.  Everything has a rhyme, a rhythm, and a reason—the everything of this something we feel of sanctioned soul. Music is the keep-saker of the love we seek—the soul’s mate of muse. ©


Pink Floyd – “Coming Back to Life”

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