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Charles Spencer Chaplin – Beloved Comedian –
16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977 (aged 88)

“You need power only when you want to do something harmful. Otherwise, love is enough to get the job done ”

Oh Shenanigans . . .

let me coont the ways of yeh

Laughter be yer stain! 🍀  ©


“The moment yeh’ve stopped laffin’, is the moment yer maker calls yeh tah have a wee wuid about the stew yeh’ve created fah yerself! Because yeh forgot there’s always more lovin’ to be had!”
—Nanny 💞

The real transformation, after the “wounds” of wisdom to heart, is to change anxiety to laughter, and only love can do that. Self-love first, is where all love comes.

Love is vulnerability leading us back to the gardens of Eden. Love is all there is. Love anyway, and love always!

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A muse of wonder . . .

she exists in quandar

She calls me fickle

who beckons me

to bathe

perdition’s sufferings

in redemptive waters

of heart’s secrets

It was something she said

of the ocean’s expanse

in conversations

of reality . . .

Time and space . . .

she whispers . . .

fall apart when time

is unlimited . . .

and nay and nay

be said

of other sway

of way away

from eternity’s fray

I am here to stay . . .

to play

For dreams

appear where

angels and demons

dare not tread . . .

and wish they could

The muse . . .

she always says . . .

time and space

fall apart . . .

when time is unlimited

I, am . . .

the magic

You, are . . .

the limited spark

of all time and space . . .


A spark is fickle . . .

I am for always . . .

the light what

never sleeps

within this dark

time of space

— epc

“Forgetting pain is convenient, but remembering the truth is worth the suffering. And our wonderland, though damaged, is safe in memory.”

— The Cheshire Cat, “Alice in Wonderland”

A review of forgotten point-of-view, is imperative! We — the now of eternity, are the generations challenged to remember the duality of reality. We, are the ‘keepers’ of wisdom’s wing dripping with perdition sanguinary stain. We need only to allow the ‘voice’ to speak, to more clearly see to touch the mysteries of the universe with wonder aforethought, to we understand ourselves more clearly, so to understanding the distortion, so to bleed out the wrath of stagnation offered of the angels and demons who do not want us to recognize the light within ourselves.

HUMILITY — the power necessary to achieve redemption; an adjustment of will necessary to set all meaningless things of mind free, so to see the unreasonable things of misery’s debris.

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We are no doubt, creators of our own form of existence — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the indifferent: A conundrum of choosing. Be we still, or be we chaos.

With all do respect to the words of the Buddha, I beg to differ. “Form” does exist in many form — be it physical, cognitive, and spiritual existence. The “trick” is to never confuse blind fate with determination to complete destiny’s denial. Fate is what we allow to happens to us. Destiny is what we are determined toward; a compulsion to create in spite of mankind’s proposing to fate.

It is the ‘con’-formed mind that is denied chance at learning multiple perspectives toward [personal] truths — an unreasoned uninformed lack of understanding allowing for truths to remain covert. Therefore, should we not beg the question, ‘Is closed-mindedness a “form” of subjective suffering?’ Because truth IS what it IS — truth, and no matter the uninformed heart of objective immeasurable opinions of mankind’s menace of malice.

Think vast passed the deceits of the past — to enable vision’s meaning based in unbiased connective wanton eternal soul; a desire of wholeness of peace — the very sustenance to understanding the necessity for survival of all “form”.

“As above, so below” indeed! We know now that every galaxy bares a “black hole” at the center. What makes us think we are any different? Everything that is, we are! We must enter it within ourselves and fill it with the light we’ve been given if we wish to create a world of our wishes, because all things are made “form” through the speechless heart of intuitive truth, which surely must mean be it the heart’s desire over mind’s matter. To bring into existence the heart’s vision, we must have courage to enter the darkness of foolish mind’s creations of opinions matter.

A meaning to having confidence is as simple as being the light of courage to be yourself through the darkness of self-confined judgement. Peace must come inwardly firstly, in the acknowledgment of our own ignorance. Forgive yourself your own foolishness. In turn, forgiving others their foolishness against you follows seamlessly within this realization. ©️

— epc

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The elements speak silently clear, ‘til finally is hear that “G.O.D.” is near.

Daytona Beach, April, 2020 — EP Carry

‪Earth‬en enigma . . .
‪Whispering winds . . .
‪Fire‬’s desire . . .
‪Water’s wisdom . . .
‪Air ‬of grace . . .

Nature be thy name.

‪Humanity : An energy of Nature’s creation come through wisdom’s bosom — an image of design — a steward of Earth of all the things of mystery’s awe given to life amongst the things of the light of harmony.

Faith: A matter of first recognition. ‬

Humility: A silent listening to the truths of instinctual whispers coming from the ‘something’ of vital aforethought necessary to move progression’s eternal action forward, through us.

“G.O.D.”, it seems, is pure conceptual imagination: A personal endowment of perception to un-compromised awe of all the things of always now demanding our attention‬ to moment — the all of awed things of one name and of one reason in this irony of duplicity’s gravity against the fractals of continuance — that being that all that we experience is the same experienced by reflection — the great conundrum of imagination.

— epc

“G.aining O.nes D.efinition”

— Common, the Musician

“Like ultraviolet rays, memory shows to each man in the book of life a script that invisibly and prophetically glosses the text.”

— Walter Benjamin

‘Something’ personal Love sings through each heart. One only needs to listen, to recognize the reflection.

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Why do we desire love? And can we not if we are to call this place home? We are — we exist within these dark spaces of storm eating one another’s pain in strive to keep lit these desires for heart’s contentment.

We are human first — one to another; a simple sharing of purpose of being. We are love. And in this love we seek to cherish one another’s vulnerabilities aforethoughts — the awareness that as one falls, so do all fall, and so too are the joys of living equaled in intensity.

A broken wing remains broken, until another mends it with threads of love, and thus two are rendered whole. Hearts entwined are no longer blind.

I, becomes we in these moments owed to the belonging.  You belong to me, I belong to you too — to the completeness.  You make me feel real, when you tell me I AM is enough.



We come alone . . .

and in our heads

we attempt

to steer a path

with no roads . . .

no GPS maps . . .

no promise 

of certainty . . . 

until we are rendered lost

Pardon me

if I feel

a stilled magic

of conversation

with myself

on these dead-end


of attempts made

again and again

to mend

this quiet aloneness



the Queen

of all my “sins” forgiven,

and all my

blessings unsaid

And now, again,

I AM alone . . .

in and

of my nature

of invisible beauty

Surly it must be so then . . .

I AM the path —

one with all beauty

in the understanding

of cause

visibly clear —

a love so high

on proof

of singe’d wing

slowly mended

by threads

of ‘something’

come from

Eternity’s soul

Surely homage is due

to pay

to this weaving

of love

at the alter

of altered awe ©

— epc



We come to know our worth when our heart desires the dance of rhythmic engagement of two steps forward-no steps back.



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                                                                        💔 Heartache: A profound bleeding of spirit.

Music — the cure but haunting muse offering revelations to calm and peace. 💙

Stunning Digital Sculptures, by

Adam Martinakis

“I am living proof that a shattered heart can still beat”.  — Maryellen Dennis

(All credit to the artist of this beautifully presented piece of art and music)


🎶 ” Pardon me ..

Pardon me ..
if I evet hurt you

Pardon me

Pardon me ..
if I ever hurt you

Pardon me

Pardon me

The other day I argued with my love
The other day I argued with my husband ..
and now ..
his hands no longer touch my neck
His hands no longer touch my waist
His hands no longer stroke my hair
He no longer looks me in the eye
while my heart aches

Pardon me

Pardon me ..
if I ever hurt you

Pardon me

I love him so! I love my darling so much!
I love him so!
I will always follow my love

Pardon me ..
Pardon me ..
if I ever hurt you

His hands no longer touch my neck
His hands no longer touch my waist
His hands no longer touch my breasts
His hands no longer caress my head ..
and now my heart aches “🎵

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Plant Love 🌿

Rise above the noise of ignorance, to once again recognize the power of plant love.


(Photo courtesy: – no copyright infringement)

I’ve had many pleasures given me through experience with plants. I can honestly say. I think they feel our presence as we absorb their beauty. If we care enough, we hone in to  tune-in to their vibe. There are no words to express this — we just feel what we feel is real.

I sometimes daydreams about my involvement with the plants I’ve had pleasure to connect with, and even those of my childhood; like as though they don’t want me to forget them. My mother let me water hers. I’d talk to them while gently cleaning their foliage and picked off the dead pieces, I’d tell them they looked and smelled so beautiful. Little did I know then that my very breathe feed them, while they invigorated me with clean oxygen. To this day, I daydream of a personal paradise where all the plants of my life are there, including my once beautiful vegetable gardens and flower beds. We spoke of love to one another, through a mutual breath of memory.

As I grew older, I discovered lots of beautiful plants. One day, I came across the stunning cannabis varieties, and when an opportunity arose, I dared venture to grew seven of the Indica variety — not to intentionally smoke them, but just to admire them. They were magical and spectacular! I tended to them daily. They took up half the bedroom closet in my small apartment. I researched how to properly care for them. Each to their space. I provided them with ultraviolet light and tin-foiled walls. I feed them a specially prepared soil mix, plant food, and watered them with pure spring water. I touched them. I smelled them. I spoke to them just to breathe them in. I even played calming frequency music for them. And you know what? I fell in love with them too, and dare I tell, I felt a depth of peace from sheer awe of their beauty — a kind of peace I could never put to words. They grew to 5 ft. tall.

Unfortunately, a day came when I had to betray them — to destroy them when came time for me to move. I quietly cried to them as I spoke my apologizes. I felt a physical heart-stabbing at having to do this terrible thing! I hung them carefully to dry, and did decide to smoking them rather than just toss them aside. How does one describe an ultimate peace and calm? I had smoked Cannabis in the past, but never did I feel what I felt from these, my darlings I called them. It was as though they were saying, ‘We forgive you’ — as though they were returning the love they had received from me during their short-lived lives. View full article »


(Photo courtesy Photographer unknown)

All souls on our beautiful planet suffer. Some profoundly! We are not meant to build walls. We are meant to crush them! The first wall at Wall Street still stands looming as it wields it mighty [illigetimate] powers over worldly affairs while consuming everything like the vultures they are! Oh how deep runs the blood of irony in this manmade evil!

Lay.mans (lay.downs) terms: Governments are corrupt! Funny not funny that they can shut themselves down, consequently cursing people to profound suffrage! As Michael Jackson says it, “They don’t really care about us.” Therefore, “We the people” 🐑 have right to #reboot! And power-up we should and must to our soul’s content!

Think vast-ER we must, because love IS the answer!💭

They … do not love! This … we all must comprehend to accept! They do not have emotional capacity to ‘see’ beauty’s worth! And here stands reason for their unreasoned desires for chaos over peace!

Understand, deeply, that there will never be change, as is now known and seen of antiquity, until our place of Stewardship over the many is retrieved!

Change yourself, change your thoughts to change the narrative! Courage, voice, born wisdom and determinate, are what we are, for sake of change!

Life is
so tall
yet so small
up against
the wall
It will take
a mighty will
of all
to make
it fall!🔥

– epc ©

“Ashes or diamonds, foe or friend, we’re all equal in the end”
– Roger Waters,
Writer for Pink Floyd

Deeply runs anger, agony and angst through all fluids of Earth so much so
that the children of Earth feel her pains! What she beeches is love!

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(Photo via

Have faith in the feelings of heart — to allow the tears of the soul to travel the breath of life, where vibration is spoken.

These moments of feeling helpless and alone when there is no one to hold us, no one to tell us it’ll be OK when someone we love is taken away from a life of memory of being together — memories that haunt us day and night. For the love we keep becomes the music in the end, becomes our salvation and redemption holding the pieces deep within our core, unconditionally. Music whispers, ‘hold on just another day’ and brings us back to life, passed the numbness of pain and exhaustion, because everything keeps moving, everything dances, everything is music — the everything of every something of every part of the soul of ‘the one’ of love itself. We are the everything of true love we seek of the soul’s mate. ©


Pink Floyd – “Coming Back to Life”

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Nothing . . . 

nothing is


of nothing

of sorted status

human fodder


to non-viseral

and non-instinctual


Yet roam they will


of egocentric



to wander


And so it is sown . . . 

all remains

the same

in these

fenced-in games

of rotted vain shamed

sheep seldom attending

to intention’s mending

Left to baring

is uncaring swearing 

Still, they dare

graze blindly 

toward the aether

of haven’s nether

of withering

heather ©

The greatest challenge through all generations of slowly seeping awareness, is to seek understand a meaning for eternity — the coming to balance of place within Nature’s eternal soul — the nature of intuitive wisdom telling us of part to play in connective will. One is the humble sum of worth toward cohesion of all worth — the ‘something’ of greater whole — the ‘something’ of everything. Born are we to learn to come to know all parts consistent within the laws of one. Unfortunate it is that divinity of matter continues in suggested nothingness to all ends in man’s opined words of meaning of “the fallen ones” steeped in un-belonging fallacy “branded” to life in conformity. Peace cannot, and will not become, until the awe of all encompassing will of life of the ‘something’ within comes to be just.  All parts of all one are marked of fingerprint design — all life’s forms are chain-linked in entanglement  to force of influence; a  thought necessary to recognize man’s made “grid” programed to imply choice; a choice lacking in personal thoughts of intention’s right to exist within the flow of energies of harmony — be it positive or negative polarity to balance. It the human ones of all ones who are responsible in maintaining thought’s of equality in all intensity of will — the ultimate bearing of life: An instinctual knowing that superficial, temporal, and destructive negative force destroys diversity of value, has no power in reality’s truth unless we say so, because we the ones of all one are the power made choice. This is the great understanding that must be —- the access of good between the heart, the mind, and human spirit one with Nature; a vulnerability of humility is necessary to grow in pain and pleasure felt of one force. “To thine own self be true” holds discerning truths, because human intuition can never lie! UN-learned must be the lies and ties of demented minds, to enable the re-learning to listen to the ways of the marked heart that cannot be masked as it endeavors to reveal the ‘something’ that is real and  “made in the image” of reflection — the “G.(aining) of         O.(nes) D.efinition) in the dark and the light. There is no positive change possible without first recognizing the battles of effort that must be fought in the dark recesses of transition, where choice and change are gained of personal alchemy toward thoughts of realization. 






FODDER (verb): to give feed to domesticated cattle or other livestock. In human term, this is an economic “branding” of permission given to endless mindless pursuits based in materialism. An indulging apathetic fodder suggested to mind’s eye; codes of immorality  written upon the ego striving for place — the one who fears death — the of birth soul value. [🐑] To be human is to be one of positive empathetic polarity of power against self-combatant negativity of apathy. Humanity is the light in dark places of bitter grazing.

HUMAN: Mortal form of immortal essence “willed” by others of like condition to “follow”, rather than be guided by intuitive personal choice, and even as we strive to discern between [emotions] heart, and the sometimes irrational [ego] mind. Time to change the dance to suit ones nature! Because emotion = intuition = humanity = soul-intensity = virtue = you = life and love eternal = happiness = joy = passionate mortal thought = heaven = continuance = eternity.

The said “Holy books” of the many worlds, along with other “hidden” books intended to influence, inferences, and interference, are the twisted words of lies and ties of no reflection of the trueness of the what of all oneness. They are all based in division according to the book holders, and are full of interjections of deceit conjured by “secreted” ancient societies who changed the wisdoms of time, by bending the words to altered states of self-embellishment. Historical writings have been made non-conclusive, whose contents are nothing more than moved ego-mandated will: A psycho-illogical gratification: An insatiable lust for power. This truth must be swallowed and digested in order to purge the spell of cognitive dissonance from our intellect!

Faith: An inner sense of ‘something’ felt of personal state of being in all things of experience within the physical world: An aspect of DNA structured deeply in spiritual connections inspiring us to duty of stewardship; a matter of heart love and respect; a be kind to all kind mentality. Humanity is engrained, enlighten, with the universal coding which enables us to decipher truths the truths of responsibility, to reason our ability of understanding toward individual creations of worth; an achievement of wealth in wisdom.

There is no rocket science level suggestion for the perfect experience. Life is made simple and is simply made to live and let live! Stay devoted and loyal to whatever you heart desires, with a faith unbending to whatever “demons” lay in waiting. Acknowledge the necessity for heartache, so to heal, so to be able to forsake the negative forces seeking to suck the energies away from the love you bring, and have right to reap!

We must remain humble to the forces that move through and around us. We must gaze upon the fields of life as we rise, quietly one by one, as one in beauty personified through synchronicity’s dance of exquisite majesty. We, as is all living matter, are the dancers chosen to come here to dance a dance of Heaven’s passions. And in so doing, tamed will be the will of indentured hellish mind! It is all of life what is the “Higher Love” we seek in our desires unfulfilled meant for the sharing our awe will all others. The day one sees the connections to all one, is the day the mind, the heart, and the spirit stop arguing.

Think clearly. Think vast. Let love in completely!

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Credit to the Artist, “Apathy” by Christopher Roberts

The words, “over-thinking”, holds double  meaning these days; damned if you do, damned if you don’t, because human logic is in need of serious attention! We must consciously consider that the greatest danger encroaching upon our children’s future, is profound apathy of forgetfulness  — the curse of inbred indifference; an illness of cognitive dissonance. A neglect of critical thinking!

Could it be so,  that once the perfect poem, the perfect painting, the perfect story, the perfect music, a perfect knowledge of Nature’s perfections of human, animal, plant, flora, fauna and insect of all land, and all the kingdoms of the oceans, the seen and the unseen, have all been created, become the signs and wonders of cyclic beginnings and ends to existence, as is written and told through antiquated myths and legends and truths of story? If this be so, the time for all new beginnings is already forging from the ruins? Because from my point of view, I see the clash — the intertwining of awe and chaos in relentless dance of uncertainly: A bonding to the unknown certainty moving through long-standing veils of visceral 3D vision of cyclic continuance. There is a prompting, a compulsion most of us are “taught” to ignore — that being the natural cycles of Nature. It is not our place in the order to change the order, it is our responsibility to go with the flow of natural rhythms moving and striving against the ignorance of our kind ad we are merely swept away with the many we are destroying. What I do know is, that the Universe abhors a vacuum, and therefore, if humanity doesn’t choose understanding over ignorance,  humanity’s place will surely be lost.  I know this to be a truth, because I observe to witness those who are listening, and I observe those who choose to distort this truth. A battle for our very existence is being pursued between the ones who choose to be good of heart, and therefore do good, and the ones who choose to rape minds in their favor of devotion to apathy.

The phrase,  “Rising As One”, gives truth of meaning to the word, “ascension”. Do call me crazy because I exist to know that I AM existing in the dimension where answers are found in the might and in the madness, and  therefore, we must catch up to speed in the madness to gain our might through the questioning of answers and the questioning of questions for answers dwelling within our very nature. All life of these moments and in all moment has been made stagnant in a thickness of dark fog of absurdity and complexity of misunderstanding. And of of this, I AM certain, as I, a member of humanity, awaits the witnessing of movement toward certainty of necessity for change toward negentropy out of the existing entropy.

To feel, is to know life’s desire to re-connect — an awaiting to commune through natural order [laws] of source within the life-force — the intuitive spirit of oneness. One at a time we come to realize that human intuition has been made paralized from moment of birth, and by our own species whose aim is wicked worldly ruse made manifest through a blindness of purposeless division — the very ‘something’ we feel to be real, because all of humanity is feeling the pains of the planet! We must come to see that we all must learn to embrace heartache’s inflictions caused of unreasoned madness, and enter it with a madness of spiritual rebellion against it; a persistence of muse must strike as many blows as necessary to produce wounds allowing for the enlightenment to self-realization to our own humanity — the instinctual perception of understanding, that redemption is souly personal and crusial for self-forgiveness for our own blindness, and thusly forgive others for ill-conscious and ill-willed fodder of afflictions placed on one to another. We must learn to let the mind and heart join in balance for all forward aforethought: A physical cognitive sensation of positive energies of I AM who I AM — the heart’s ascension to rightful place, and therefore, to rightful joy of being. A mindful daily practice of moment-to-moment awareness to all now is essential for healing the human countenance. And in this perspective, surly will come a personal peace while the world spins in man-kind’s chaotic abandon fraught with deceitful dogma and drama of apathy. A rule of false will seeks to control through fear, guilt, and regret. The ones of fallacy are the false shareholder “gods” of falsely gained power, who in truth, have no power unless through humanity’s allowance — the core power to change these current states of mind stagnant in mock delusion. The soul-less heart-less ones know they cannot have authority otherwise, and so contineously reinvent ways and means to exploit and control with secretly inclusive powers of mind control. This is, and has always been, the primal mortal “evil” this world has always known! If minds and hearts decide to no longer choose to follow such negative thinking, stands to reason there would be no “evil”! Peace is and has been the ultimate goal of plan of intimacy of physical experience and existence — the learning of form to the teachings toward growth. The exaulted spirit remains consistent in its nature and wisdom to ride itself of the things that seek to destroy it, for all eternity. We are here to give and take only feelings toward the growth of love, because love is all there is to all ends and to all beginnings.  Yes, Love will be brutal in its ways to cause hearts to come full fruition to understanding the nature of humanity’s place through eternity. 

Truth becomes perfectly clear, but only through intuition’s personal discernment of faith.  It is not to say, ‘Seeing is believing’, it is to say, ‘Believing is seeing’.

There is an equasion to universal simplicity in the understanding that knowing truth is greater than living the lies of fallacy created of demented minds. It really is that simple! The genius of the child is the born enlightened spirit what knows truth through simple observation: An innocence not feed ignorance — the ‘something’ felt to be real which remains given to blood-oath connection to all things beautiful, but forced to near forgotten by way of slow rotting common-core inevitably! Listen to the god-child within to return to the place of devotion to Love.

And still some do not want to know truths of what they see with their heart! Is ignorance truly bliss? Is the desire for knowing truth so buried within — cursed to self-torment? A conundrum of choice exists, be it lies of ill fated delusion contrived of uncertainty, or desire destined to seek the pains of truths to certainty? “Overthinking” may be necessary in these seasons of must, sometimes, as underrated is the need to seek ones worth being consciously pushed to frowned upon by utter lies of conformity! Because hypocritical minds don’t want humanity to care concerning the blatant existence of well-hidden thought wars of always now, nor to think vastly beyond the suggested scope of reality, nor to seek understanding the whys of importance for individual preference of thought. Mindfulness is everything if humanity truly desires to fully experience and appreciate existence!

Knowing truth from untruth lay within the human heart. It is the strong of mind — the quiet ones, spiritually and emotionally intelligent ones who are falsely perceived as the weak ones. To the contrary, these are the ones of who understand a meaning to inward ascension — ones of infinity who do see the breathe of “G.o.d.” found at the end of long-standing persistence of faith through the agony! The true weak of soul will be revealed — the remaining ignorant ones, the  liars, the fools, the greedy, the deceivers, the ones lacking personal faith, the insisters of self-appeasement and arrogance lacking courage! A choice is made clear through ones devotion to seek the truths of history altered by the ensuing greed!

Q: Did past ancient civilizations come to develop mindfully on Earth before the future mankind wrote its own version, and even when such such past civilizations truly are “written in stone”?


Let it be clearly understood, humanity was never “banished” from “The Garden of Eden” [life]. We are still here to serve as continuous witness to cyclic eternity of never ending growing pains of stories of suffrage in battles of desire to progress — that which is the knowing and the reaping of joys and sorrows through devotion to seek the truths of life! How great the experience of peace when peace comes of the wishing for nothing more. A peace of gratefulness is what comes through the silence of sojourn with Nature, where one receives the sacred utterances of antiquity’s spirit of must to stop chasing shadows and enjoy the ride of simply being human. ©

— epc

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