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Earth . . .                      
she breathes the air
of hope’s despair . . .
whilst despair
bleeds hope’s seeds
What must be . . .
must be . . . 
for there’d be
no rain . . .
no tears
of strain . . .
no season’s gain . . . 
if there is no pain . . .
Awe of her . . .
is as it should be ©️        
If it’s meant to be, it will be. 
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“The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life.”
—John F. Kennedy


Dear @realDonaldTrump et Al :

An FYI and S.O.S. to all world “leaders” … LEAD! HUMANLY! This is our never-ending plea! Just exactly what are you NOT understanding?! 😱 The obviously undisputed FACT never changes—ALL life has right to …


We also have right to honesty: A ‘vote’ engaging worthy candidates who WILL NOT lie and deceive the masses!

YOU … are all an abomination to the life-force—‘creating’ lawlessness unending on this planet! Are you not human?! Are you truly insane?! Everything living, including our beautiful and fragile environment, suffers at the hands of indifference and arrogance!

What good is there in enforcing a “rule-of-thumb” governance structured of false notion of a dollar “system” which benefits only you, the demented greedy few, while life itself is driven mad and continuously murdered in name of your almighty dollar?!

How dare you! You have no right! There is not a one of you who are worthy!


🌏 🌎 🌍

We, the oppressed
people of the World

We … do know what’s goin’ on …

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FACT: All life on this Earth is from the same father—all are loved equally by the same mother. And especially loved by these, our progenitors, is the beauty of diversity they had made.


It is time for the children of man to pay no mind to the ‘evil’ and false histories presented by the false “Nazi” ‘race’ and their subsequent ‘demons’ born of so-named, “white-supremacy”! The true-blood ‘Aryans’ were of Middle-Eastern decent—cradle, or Eden of humanity at an area, according to Genesis 2:10, located at the “head waters” of the Tigres and Euphrates rivers, to the glorious rivers that once were of our beloved ancestry from Mother Africa, the Pison and the Gihon, referred to by archiologists as “fossil rivers”. The current “rulers” of this planet—the falsely self-claimed Jewish race; ones who usurped all things of dignity and honor from the true-blood Jewish race, have usurped humanity’s heritage, cleaving it unto themselves in insanity of lust of greed and power by systematically ‘creating’ a false world dis-order through corruption of an already existent worldly ‘Holy’ order of Nature, all life! ‘They’, have stripped humanity and all life from rightful places. We, were ones once humbled and honored with responsibility as charge—Stewards of the magnificent waters of paradise! And now, what is humanity to do with this restored [re-birthed] knowledge and wisdoms of proper place … before it is too late, and life has no place at all?! 💞

Before you assume to know … before you judge … before you humble to your own ignorance … before you believe what you have been indoctrinated to believe … LISTEN!

#RiseAboveDivision !!

The ‘Holy’-ist of all knowledge—the very “Tree of Knowledge”, was purposefully made ‘forbidden’; human insight and intuition was made corrupt to meanings of fear by ‘evil’-minded mankind, and certainly not by a ‘God’ or ‘God’s’ of goodly intent. This “tree” symbolizes the spirituality of life; a connective DNA tree of geneology: A knowledge given to all forms of life on this planet! Humanity was blindly strayed away from this connection, and was not ‘driven out’ from this precious wisdom of “the garden”. Eden, has for all time, been calling us back through our very DNA! THIS surely … is why the current “rulers” that shouldn’t be—the very destroyers of this planet, seek desperately and criminally to divide and make ill our very blood!

It is time for the children of man to listen to the grand masters of ancient blood who truly have left us messages of love, sacrifice, glory, wisdom, and warnings of the ages, in stone!

EVERYTHING … IS … written … in … stone … or gold … or clay. And, true to the imbellishment of human nature’s ego, the stories of long ago are recorded in ideals based in cultural mythologies—the same fasinating story told from perspectives of human infancy and understanding. Nonetheless, these stories hold truths of historical facts; each culture placing their own ‘belief system’ on high pedestal as being the one true greatest story of creation. We know now, that all are the greatest story ever told, together, as one true greatness deserving of equal respect. Same characters, different names, same story of us. I personally, love them all!


*These blog posts are based in my own research findings through an accumulation of information gathered through eight years of research, study, and self-contemplation. Please do, I encourage it, question answers, question questions! It is our right and duty to experience, and to be curious of all things of our world! Truth, should be our “religion”, if such a word be given to profound meaning in our lives!

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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, know then, it is time to reform, pause, and reflect.
—Mark Twain


Of all the “conspiracy” malarkey proposed to our subconscious minds by ‘powers’ that shouldn’t be, the worst of all kind of crimes committed on the human psyche are the crimes of withholding truths of our human existence and History! We know now that there have been numerous magnificent human civilizations before us on this planet—all greater than ourselves … we the falsely indoctrinated arrogant ones of supposed intelligence! We of these moments, are not worthy! ©


Question: What profound message of love will we leave to our progeny?

Answer: The TRUTH

Let us accept that there is no “missing link” yet to be discovered, as there is no missing link. All life is ‘born’ of the same beginning, and different forms of life did mutate to suit a particular environment to survive. All life did in fact, evolve from the same “tree of life”, and therefore, all life is connected through the same evolving DNA. Humankind has never resembled the ape, chip, nor any form of mammal of its kind. Our very DNA holds within it all folds of adaptation of beginning earthly forms. Humanity had it’s unique place on a branch of the “tree of life” come from *a species* that was neither ape, chip, nor human, and yet from this same species did both chip and the like of its kind, and humanity ‘branch off’ separately; the same genetic coding made different. Astoundingly, the evolutionary fingerprints of earthly progression can be seen within the human embryo as it grows to maturity. We are, uniquely “human”, and yet carry all the traits of life’s evolutionary beginnings within our DNA. Let us agree to call this miracle of magnificence, our “creators” evolutionary ‘design’. We are indeed, evolving. ‘Something’ interfered with natural evolution’s intention [DNA],to ‘create’ what we have become: A genetic manipulation of a species that did already exist on the planet. I, a human of sane and sound mind, do now believe, to the best and extent of my own significant research on these matters, that a ‘creator’, or ‘creators’ of a more advanced civilization than that of the civilization existing on the Earth at the time of genetic manipulative undertaking, did in fact interfere with the natural progression of evolution. And this thought alone boggles the mind, and does conjure within me many many many more unanswered questions that will perhaps never be answered, nor questioned, as the powers that shouldn’t be keep their manipulations of our minds par on their discourse of untrue history.

We, are no longer ignorant children easily swayed by a corrupt secular society! We must demand the truths of ourselves, and even if we also must find these truths on our own! We must, question answers, and question questions! Truth, is the only “religion” we should reverence: A resolution to quell the aching human soul of unreasoned chaos. We are, in these times, physically, mentally, and spiritually evolving, as this IS the way of all things of Nature. The ‘something’ that we feel IS real, and we must be determined towards it if we are to survive!

Knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is acceptance of place in life’s true connections. To know thyself, is to thine own self be true: A place of gratitude within life’s holy circle. Humanity is created, and is also evolving to suit an ever-changing environment. The Earth itself is evolving, as it has been constantly since the beginning of time. Seems evident that every 5,000 to 10,000 years, these changes affect all life on this planet, in that an extinction of life may be inevitable. And this, together with the horrors presented of extinction offered by our own malevolent brothers and sisters! We must plan our survival, as is referred to by the messages written of warnings set in stone by our ancient ancestors, who were in fact, better than we in their humanity. We, are so not worthy!

Everything is connected, and everything changes according to Nature’s laws.

The ‘messages’ are becoming clear, and should not be ignored …

“Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”
11 Corinthians 11:14

Beware the lawless one(s).

‘Something’ strange indeed did happen in the days of Noah, pure blood grandson of Enoch, that we do not fully understand. However, we, all being of pure blood of Noah, should listen before we so quickly dismiss the ancient writings of warning . . .

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Love is personal. Embrace the madness!


For the longest of life’s-times, seems we battle and bottle our emotions of truth, and beliefs, and disbelief “systems” of others. Until a moment in time of listening comes a knowing, and not mere ‘belief’; an intuition speaking of love’s conundrums—true and personal, created for ‘self’, alone: A love so deeply felt, as to finally we feel the bottoms reach of the “rabbit hole” to rest . . . to contemplate, and to reap the peace of mind so adamately fought for: A message of guidance toward what we seek—the simplicity of joy showing life laying in wait.©


“All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be of saving grace; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.”
—Yann Martel

Whatever the color of ‘the rabbit’ [intuition], follow it …

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A repeated decision is not always a mistake.

All life presents itself in spark of seed: A masterpiece of contineous algorithms of move —to every seed is chance given to existence of eternal perpetuity.

Some, only care of the thoughts of what others may think—the some too proud to humble before greater reasoning for life’s being. The same some who do feel but refuse a responsibility to acknowledge and not accept the un-reasoned current ‘sufferings’ imposed upon the life-force—the some, who fail to ‘see’ that they are born to light of courage and inspiration for the lost of collective ‘feelings’ of darkness created of man’s illusions of choice; a fallacy of blindness to an acceptance of emptiness waiting to be filled. Some, fail to ‘see’ that fear must be seen and faced and not ignored! The only ‘monsters’ need be destroyed of this world are made in the image of man, as so are created by man! How unfortunate that some choose a “status quo” position of ‘coward’; a choice homage paid to ignorance of mortal place of fear fearing itself of truer instinctual beckoning for chance to change amiss to just!

“Hope conspires with the wind. It blows away the ‘demons’ of despair.” —Maya Angelou

“Messiah”: One who understands a meaning to his/her existence.

“You are the ‘Angel’ you’ve been waiting for! You’re here!”
—Alan Watts

We, and all sentient beings, are born to our own Universe, and therefore, we and only we are responsible for just being a truth of life by just being a truth we bring. To be a meaning is our meaning. Choices made must be our own. This is the law of all things. Forsaken must be the ‘opinions’ of fallactic entity endeavoring to change inner worlds, thusly are doing so against the laws of nature. This, being nothing more than audacity of arrogant proposal to control the outer world to their will! This, we can prevent by simply understanding humility; a human ability [power] of knowing honored place of innate nature.

Dare to peer into the abyss … 💫







Music is . . .

a constant . . .

the magic

of everything

Music is accidental

Music is searched

Music is revealed

Touched toned

are voices

between melody

calling . . .

calling . . .

a life bargained

for chance

after chance 

to dance

with eternity ©




You were born the wanderer’s soul.  This is how you began to be whole.  The stars keep dancing, and the world keeps turning.  Why would you think yourself to be any different?




“Tragedy is imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; i.e., through pity [eleos] and fear [phobos] effecting the proper purgation [catharsis] of such emotions.”  









There’s a message in the music, and . . .

The Universe is the master DJ …


Awesome melodies for the musiclectual: 🎼










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☀ Quiescence ☀




of silent weeping,
a weary
psyche floats . . .
a weightless sway



Deeply scensed 
is crystal clarity
given unto bond
of understanding
of secreted
silent story



A nobility succors
of intimate essence
not of place
where my body be . . .
but of moment
and space
where ‘spirits’
seated upon
eyeful towers
of aloof
speak idioms heard
in quiet quiescence
of muse



A wordless breath
sings melodies
of many
upon moment’s



Mortality’s reign
is again exulted . . .
given unto
day’s grace
to place
of walls
lacking ends
where divested
is a never-ending
story ©




Man-made distractions of intent toward an ‘evil’ thievery of souls merely gives way to balance life with millions of reasons to dream.



The Ether: A spiritual place: A mystical ‘state’ of meditative mind where conflicts of heart are called to stand before the Great Soul of air and light.












I, Eileen P Carry, am not associated nor affiliated with any marketing Ads that may be posted by on any of these blog posts.


Artwork credit: Loui Jover©





“And so, the movie ends, good triumphs over evil, and the music played.  Life is so simple and yet so hard in its ways, and the music played.  So the book begins now that was once just jumbled letters of thoughts—taking each breath with valor … each moment as the last page in a gripping novel clutching your heart as you fall to the floor.  And the music played.  Each tear a marker, middle of the page, the edges battered and turned under—your choices needing no shared explanation.  And the music played.  Dreams are lived, and love is smitten, love is made, and love letters are written even in times of war. Love’s reason seems unfair, but is reasoned within the lessons.  And the music played.  To the end and to the last, drink life for the future and not for the past.  Take what you’ve earned and give it what you want.  Love all that you see, and love all that you don’t.  Be there for love ’til the last breathe, for there’s always one more chapter left—written just for you—sweet melodies filling your soul with love.  And the music played.”

(no known writer)

(No copyright attribution) 



“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”

—Ludwig Van Beethoven




💓 … “This is my church …”










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How unfortunate it is for the whole of worldly imagination, that the current supposed ‘leadership’ of like-‘kind’ of the planet are an abomination to the truths of meaning of humanity’s state of mind: A mistake in desperate need of remedy!  If only ‘the people’—we the ones of all one gifted of divine blood’s design could convince our lost fellowman to come back to ‘kind’-ness!  If only the whole would summon courage to forsake perdition’s wounds of corrupt insanity, so all can have chance at expression; a birthright of progressive creativity of due fuition.  And this so to before hedgemonys lack of ‘kind’-ness blows us all to nothing-ness AGAIN
. . . backward
 . . . AGAIN, into to yet another false belief of a “big-bang” ‘theory’ scenario of “hell” on Earth!  What a horrendous UN-natural cycle of existence we continue to leave as legacy without purpose: A consequence of dis-compassion-ed forgetfulness.

Must we continue to pretend  life is supposed to be centered in man-made mysteries of ‘hidden’ wonder: A continuance of whys of the born ‘lost’ by default into the  unreasoned suffrage so blindly ‘followed’ of apathetically complex ‘brainwashing’?  The questions of never-ending whys of wanderings and fallings without end into born darkness of fears based in apprehensive ignorance, because the ‘something’ of inner instinct has been ‘possessed’—a blood suppressed from the  ‘something’ which ‘calls’ without end from within us all, laying just behind a thin veil of waiting: A lathe of light showing a truth of life and eternal ‘self’.  It is man’s ‘time’ to listen to the ancient blood of ancestry screaming through our veins to “LET … IT … GO!!”: A communal anxiety of blood- angst for Love’s continuance; a deep desire for change to right the wrongs of the human condition and all life currently made imprisoned of an unhealthy world!  We must understand, to change the health of our ‘God’-given consciousness [imagination] and desires for well-being, is to change the health of the world!

There is NO man-made ‘pill’ to suppress an already perfected will!  Life does eliminate [balance-out] the unappreciative and unworthy of natural progression by naturally given ‘selection’ of imagination. Imagination is key, until perfection is once again satisfied, and so to, without end: A virtual battle for existence—a battle for Love’s survival!  Nothing exists in this many-sided abstract reality without imagination’s creativity.

Simplicity is what stabilizes the natural ‘laws’ of intention. Mankind cannot ‘win’ in a continuously losing battle against physics of natural progression!  The wicked minded have turned the world into a ‘testing ground’ [school] for the worthy of humanity, where morality and immortality have become the ‘secreted’ rewards hidden from our curiosity; a natural inclination to question.  If one doesn’t want to ‘fall’ for lack of want to question a meaning for the meaningless sufferings, and doesn’t want to repeat the ‘lessons’ of what love is, and what love is not, then all must rise to mortality and defend our already existent perfected reality!  ‘See’ all, feel awe of just taste of eternity: A joy uninhibited! To believe in yourself is the same as to have faith in an inborn divinity; a  connective light of grand soul of consciousness centered in dignity existing in just being, and without expectations of unjust proof of cause!

Indeed, humanity will be called ‘mad’, but know too, this is merely a contrived label; a word of negative vibration and language used for a specific purpose of  intention toward division and misunderstanding. And what of it?!  And so what to it!  Do we not have birthright of choice to NOT deny the ‘something’ of ‘mad’-ness we feel of unsatisfied peace of mind and heart of well-being?: A want for precious moments wasted in sorrowful life’s sorry s of devastating losses and beautiful days this man-sick planet stole from our very soul’s desire! Therefore, just like the moon displays passion of mood, never shall we hide madness!

The “beast” is made many—residing forcibly within humanity’s core—imbedded at birth and must be slaughtered, individually, and before it consumes the very energies of our freely given human will to just be alive! We of these generations of eternal now do so achingly wish someone would have advised us sooner of what is perceived to understanding of source and sickness of ingrained ignorance: An initially nauseating awareness which does prompt the human spirit to choose faith wisely: A faith which lightens the course to naturally given truths.  It is for life to live and love freely of intent, and to suffer no one ill-will of ‘hell’s’ fury of discontentment and confusion illusion as ‘resident’ [slave] of another’s anxiety for selfish endeavors caused of indoctrinate indifference toward all others! We are taught—systematic-ly trained and engrained to do what is conformly ‘expected’, and thusly and regrettably, we miss what ‘calls’ our attention to the ‘something’ greater of life’s reward—happiness of thoughts [imagination] in mindful good intention with continued commitment toward the happiness of the whole.

Every child born is gifted, and every life presented to this world should be permitted freely the right to ‘just be’ the passion and love they bring. And inturn, should ‘expect’ nothing less and nothing more of all ‘kind’
. . . despite all else of distractive measure! This is our right of guarantee for the good and deserving things of life to come naturally as is intended of a connected Universe. Happiness IS the ‘calling’ . . . ALL life is worthy!  Never should humanity’s responsibility of mindfulness,  spirit, and inner sense of stewardship allow anyone or anything force a thinking otherwise!  These moments of now are steeply and seriously wrenched in  neglect and disrespect of untold proportion. Millions of chances of missed joy come intended to change the world!

Humankind must choose thoughts and decisions wisely: A mindfulness of divine value so long overdo to comprehension of beauty’s dying diversity!  Ours is to appreciate, admire, and let just be, rather than choosing thoughts in ingrained ill-willed indifference of divisions ungodly ugliness! The latter surely will, as history has shown us over . . . and over . . . and over, the end result of finality [extinction] left to a repetition of abuse by the wicked!:  A profound devestation committed against the natural progression of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions of the states of life’s mind. ©

Perdition: An imposed imprisionment of mind under false pretence of fear: A profound disturbance created of systematic secular societies: A means to control the masses to evolve toward unnatural ends.

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